“You’ll Miss It”

There are days when my back hurts, my neck hurts, and my belly aches from the forces of gravity… but when he does a little tumble in my belly or even pushes against it, I forget all of the aches and just wish I could see his face and hug him.  I get sudden urges to just hug my belly hoping he would know that it was me hugging him.  Is that weird?  I kind of adore him.

While I cringe for a moment during a Braxton-hicks contraction, I always hear this voice in my head on behalf of all women telling me that I’ll miss carrying him around.  Truth is, I know I’ll miss it.  I’ve already thought about it.  As wonderful as it will be carrying him in my arms and letting his tiny fingers wrap around my one finger, I’ll miss having him with me at all times squirming around.  Squirmy – it’s been one of my favorite words ever since I started getting adjusted to his moving patterns.  He’s my squirmy little baby boy.
For now, I’m enjoying the moments.  It’s getting harder to find a comfortable way to sleep or even finding a comfortable way to sit, but it’s everything great to me right now as well.
I know I’ll miss it.  For now, however, I’ll choose to live in the moment and enjoy the cute squirminess that is my little munchkin and make sure the husband gets the opportunity to savor these moments as well.


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