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What a Wonderful World

While you’re young… travel.

Sometimes I feel like people underestimate the beauty and invigorating experience of traveling.  A flight out to see a new land, new cultures, new foods far exceeds the fulfillment of a new purse.  Perhaps that’s just me, but I was never one to be able to wrap my head around the concept of purchasing a trendy material object that is almost the cost of an average family’s monthly mortgage.  For some reason, it makes more sense to me to use that money to find new experiences — memories to build for myself, my future, and whoever comes along with me on the journey.

I took a hiatus on the Maui travel memoirs because there’s been quite a few other things going on around the home, but I stopped for a moment last night to recollect my traveling dreams.  As we get older, we are building more of a life for us at home, steadily creating good and positive habits to make life just a tad bit easier in the future.  Purchasing a home and paying down our debt are a few things, but while planning on these things, dreams like traveling have to be put on the backburner.  There are new priorities.  Grown up stuff.  We blinked, and life evolved.  This is absolutely not a bad thing, but it just made me want to remind those who are younger — without mortage, without rent, and without any large financial responsibility — to go… travel.  Travel far.  See something new.  Learn from a stranger.  Recognize the different ways people find themselves blissfully happy.  Taste something new to tickle your tastebuds.  Explore.  Get lost.  Just… go.

By no means are Tristan and I never traveling again; if we’re not traveling far, we’ll be traveling locally.  There are still plenty of things to see and States to understand.  Once we have a family and they’ve grown up a bit, I’d love to go to Vietnam and the Philippines so that our kids understand where they came from and to appreciate the lives their grandparents led to get us where we are.  It won’t be the easiest thing to finance, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.  It just gets harder to plan now than it did before.  So, go.  Go while it’s still considerably easy.  Enrich yourselves.

I have not seen as much of the world as some of my friends, but I still think to myself how wonderful the world is.  Thank goodness for the internet and blogs to allow me to at least virtually travel 😉

Adventure awaits.
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