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Ah, I missed a week!  There was just too much going on last week, but to make up for it, here’s a sneak peek to our maternity shoot (taken at 31 weeks) 🙂  Special thanks to Ryu Photography who never seems to let us down.  He took our engagement photos as well as covered our entire wedding.  His photography is always so genuine and vibrant.  We couldn’t be happier!

How far along? 33 weeks

Baby Size: About the size of a Honeydew melon – 19in, 4.5 lbs 🙂

Total weight gain/loss: 33lbs

Stretch marks? No

Symptoms: Increasing back pain if I pick up anything even remotely heavy!  By that I mean like 5 cans of vegetables – that’s it!  Occasional lightheadedness too.  Oh, and HUNGRY.  ALWAYS hungry!

Sleep: Not quite sure if I’ve been falling into deep sleep or not as I feel more groggy throughout the day.  That could just be hormones though.  It’s also getting harder to go back to bed if I get up to use the restroom after 5am.

Best moment this week:  Baby hiccups!  It’s adorable!  Well, it’s cute for awhile then it gets a little frustrating just like our own hiccups.  It’s cute and funny and first then you wonder How do I make it stop?! lol.  Poor baby seems to get frustrated too.  After a minute or two, he’ll kick about as if trying to get it to stop.  It’s cute to see and feel the rhythmic movements though.  Tristan got to feel the hiccups happening from the outside too!

Worst moment of the week: I went to buy some groceries to donate for a Thanksgiving cause, and all I was carrying was one basket of groceries when my back started to hurt.  One basket.  Apparently when they say to “take it easy” it means “take it really easy.”

Miss Anything? Being able to dress myself easily.  I think I go through at least 3 outfits a day until I’m somewhat content lol

Movement:  Lots of stretching!  I feel like he’s moved a lot more consistently this week than other weeks even though he has less space with his growing self.  He tends to stretch out a limb and leave it there… and I rub it a bit to get him back into place.  It can hurt when he does that!

Food cravings:  Boba.  Limiting myself to one a week though.  My sweet tooth is getting out of hand this trimester!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  No, but I’ve been feeling hot on and off.  Not sure if I’m catching a cold or if my metabolism is just throwing everything off.

Labor Signs: No, not yet!

Belly Button in or out? In-betweenie

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Mood:  Happy and so, so thankful.  Our baby shower this past weekend brought so much love and humbling gifts… and we’re getting some deliveries in the mail still.  We’ve received so much more than we expected that I can’t even put my feelings into words!

Looking forward to:  Thanksgiving!! Yumm.. only 2 weeks away!  Time seriously flies after Halloween!

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