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Venice Canals

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!  Our friends invited us over for lots of food and an Easter egg hunt for the kids which was so much fun.  Sadly, T was working over the weekend, so we don’t have any cute Easter family photos 🙁  Next year!

In other news, I have to admit that I’m at the point where I’m getting serious travel withdrawals.  I think it’s become a problem where I have to go somewhere every few months to escape routine before I start getting a little stir crazy, even though there is definitely a part of me that loves routine.  Thankfully, we do have a big trip coming up in a few months, but until then, I’m enjoying some local escapes.
So, no, this isn’t the canals of Venice, Italy.  This here is the Venice Canals of Venice, California.


I have heard about this area many times and seen it in pictures, but I had no idea where it actually was.  If you’ve seen the movie Valentine’s Day, this is where Ashton Kutcher lived.  Anyway, turns out I’ve driven past it more times than I can count.  You just make a turn onto a street in Venice, and suddenly you’re transported from urban beach life to serene and beautiful homes along canals.


It’s a great place to walk along the sidewalks, admire some beautiful homes, and enjoy a sunny stroll, but at face value, that’s pretty much all it is.  I went home, did some reading, and learned a little bit more about the history of the canals.  It made me appreciate it a lot more.
It turns out that this was a project by developer Abbot Kinney aimed at recreating the look and feel of the Venice Canals in 1905.  Once cars starting taking over, however, parts of the canals were converted to roads (which explains why I have driven by it so many times and had no idea it was hiding just one street over).  It began to lose vision and purpose, and despite being considered a Historic District in 1982, it wasn’t until 1992 that the canals underwent renovations.  Now it’s an expensive and coveted area to live in the L.A. area.






We walked around and crossed some of the bridges.  We admired the homes both old and modern.  I particularly enjoyed seeing how everyone decorated their front yard with all of the different California-friendly plants.  It really is a serene area considering it is residential, but I think the most interesting part was all of the nature thriving here.  We got to see cranes on the lookout for food and a family of ducks paddling around.





This cracked me up ^.

I feel a little bummed that I didn’t learn more about it before we went because I don’t feel like I appreciated it as much while I was there.  One day, I’d like to head out again, get some ice cream, and walk around to really soak it all in.  Isn’t it so picturesque?  This place is straight out of a postcard.  That itself makes it worth visiting aside from it’s rich history.  It’s worth it too if you’re a big Ashton Kutcher fan 🙂

Oh, California, you always surprise me so.

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