Vancouver Day 3 & 4: Play in the Rain

On Day 3, I had planned for a pretty leisure day since I wasn’t sure how the night before would leave us (ha).  We had plans to spend the entire morning at Stanley Park, but because it decided to rain most of the day, we changed those plans and headed back to Granville Island to get some treats to take back after brunch.

Before we did that, however, we headed out to this delicious ramen spot for a rainy day brunch.  More on that later…
^The perfect meal for a rainy day.
^ Look at the colors!

To get to Granville Island this time, we took the ferry!  It was just a quick 5 minute ferry ride to the market, but it was easy and added a little something interesting to the journey.


^ Yes, you can sample these olives.  Yes, they were delicious.
That night, we headed out to the Yaletown area for dinner and considered doing some barhopping here.  This area is definitely more upscale.  It kind of reminded me of that bar area from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – an area for the “upwardly mobile.”  It just felt more for an older and classy crowd. Well, at least that’s how I felt when we were walking around and seeing the people go in and out of the local bars.  Regardless, we didn’t end up barhopping and instead debated for some time on whether we should stay in or head back out to Granville.
Well, we ended up going back out to Granville.  This time, the spot was packed compared to the night before, but we all had a great time.  If you’re wondering, in general, Saturdays have a much livelier “night life” than Fridays – like, several times over.  I mean, we learned a new chicken dance, so it was a win all around.


That night, once we got back to our spot, we hung out and ended up snacking on everything we bought at the market which included some exotic fruits like the above mangosteen.  Mangosteen is one of my favorite fruits, but you won’t find them very often in the States… so we indulged!  If you ever see it, try it out.  It is seriously a tasty treat.
The last day, we woke up and got ready to head out.  We had a quick brunch at the airport and said our farewells… and I can’t believe the wedding is now this week!

Canada, you were really good us.  Your food is good, your people are awesome, and you made everything so, so easy.  It was my first time traveling out of the country without my husband, and I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to manage it, but you just made it way too easy.  Vancouver – to you, what a fun city!  You definitely have something for everyone.

I know the bride-to-be had a great time, and I really hope the entire crew did too.  It was definitely new and something different for a bachelorette, but it worked out perfectly.  With such a short flight, why on earth not try something new??  As one of my best friends since birth, it was a joy to plan this getaway for her, and it is such an honor to be her matron of honor.  It’s a pity the bride never got to find her ideal Canadian though, eh? 🙂
If you missed it, check out Vancouver Day 1, Vancouver Day 2 Part 1 and Part 2.
Photos are a selection from all of the photos I received from the group.
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