Vancouver Day 2: That Fresh Mountain Air Pt II

After a few hours at Grouse Mountain, we had over an hour to spend to soak up the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  Turns out, the place isn’t just a bridge but a large park with several attractions to visit.

^ Not the actual suspension bridge lol

After a quick bus ride from Grouse Mountain, we made a short walk over to the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  This area is beautiful, but be forewarned!  It is a very popular tourist destination.



The place was being decked out for fall festivities (and I hear it’s beautiful during the holidays!).  There’s plenty of photo friendly spots, so we stopped whenever we could to take some random photo keepsakes in the park.

^ Bridal party!


^ The old party crew!


^ Her soon-to-be-family!
The bridge was built back in 1889, and was built to take you across the Capilano River.  It’s, of course, a lot more stable and modern now, so don’t be too afraid to cross it.  When we were there, there were a ton of people on the bridge, so I didn’t hesitate (much).  It’s built to supposedly hold the weight of 96 grown elephants.  Honestly though, if we were the only ones there and had to cross it, I think I would’ve had an anxiety attack haha.



^ So beautiful seeing some fall colors peak through.
^ Giant leaf!  Perfect for waving around if she got lost in the treetops haha.  This is part of the “treetops adventure” which is a bunch of suspension bridges connecting from tree to tree. 
After we found our way out of the treetops, we headed over to walk the Cliffwalk, a narrow walkway extending from the mountain’s cliff.  It’s a stunning sight.




^ The Cliffwalk.  The other big highlight in the park.


^ Talk about narrow!
^ Us over one of the extensions that sits right over the river!
There’s a few other parts of the park here, but because we were a little pressed for time, we couldn’t see everything.  I do know there are some sections specifically for kids, so it’s definitely a family friendly park!
Since we were hungry though and didn’t want to completely ruin our appetite with a food tour coming up soon, we stopped at the ice cream shop at the park.  Nature?  Ice cream?  What a great combo.

Capilano Suspension Bridge | 3735 Capilano Road, North Vancouver, BC Canada V7R 4J1

So, yes, the only reason we were pressed for time was because I had a booked a food tour for dinner!  I’ll be sharing more about this when I talk about where we ate but know that it was well worth it.

After the food tour, we got ready to go out and celebrate on Granville.  Granville is basically like the Las Vegas of Vancouver, so it was a big night!  We ended up getting bottle service (which is ridiculously cheap here, btw) and making some hilarious memories.  All of the details will stay with us and only us 🙂


Cheers to awesome first full day!!
If you missed it, check out Vancouver Day 1 and the first half of Vancouver Day 2!  Otherwise, check out Vancouver Day 3 & 4!
Photos are a selection from all of the photos I received from the group.
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