Vancouver Day 2: That Fresh Mountain Air

We had a late start the next morning which thankfully worked out just fine as the fog began to clear in the mountains within a few hours of us going there.  This day was really a hefty dose of nature and exploring with SO many beautiful and fun pictures.  I had to split the day into two posts!

The morning was absolutely gorgeous.  The forecast called for rain, but when we woke up and saw the sunshine peeking through and rain completely off the forecast for the day, we couldn’t have been more grateful.
^ Views from our penthouse Airbnb.  You can get these personalized shotglasses here.
^ Beautiful, huh??
As part of the bachelorette (otherwise known as a stagette in Canada) party pack, I got everyone these cute baseball caps on Etsy!  Since I knew that we would be outdoors – and that the weather would be fickle – the standard t-shirts wouldn’t make sense.  That’s when I started looking into these caps which worked out perfectly.  The only thing I’m bummed about is that you can’t see the “Bride” writing on the bride’s hat in these pictures!  On a different note, we took public transportation everywhere (waiting for the bus in the picture below).  The public transport system out here is awesome.

First stop… Grouse Mountain!  At the bottom of the mountain, there’s a Starbuck’s to get your coffee fix if you’re here for an early start.  Honestly, it felt like there were more Starbuck’s here than there are at home, so you’ll find a shop pretty much everywhere you go.  Anyways, we bought our tickets online, so when we got there, we just had to head on up!  To get to the top of the mountain at about 4,000 ft, you take the Skyride which is a giant gondola that fits 100 people.

Once you get up, you can follow the pawprints on the floor to get to the Grizzly Bear Habitat which is what we decided to do first.  It was so foggy once we were up there, we honestly didn’t know what we were doing haha.  We just knew we had to explore!


^ I didn’t know what to expect, but it was basically a conservation center where the bears could wander around protected.  The bears were rehabilitated after being found in very poor condition, but regardless of anything, we didn’t get to see either of the bears.
^ Being bears!


Ok, I don’t know if it was the crisp mountain air that we’re not used to or lack of sleep or maybe even the elevation, but we spent a good amount of time just taking ridiculous photos around the mountain before we headed out for our next stop. Ha!

^ And the view was phenomenal!



^ At the gift shop.
Grouse Mountain | 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4K9

If you missed it, check out Vancouver Day 1 or move on to Vancouver Day 2, Part 2, and Vancouver Day 3&4.

Photos are a selection from all of the photos I received from the group.

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