Valentine’s with Dinner + a Musical

What is Valentine’s Day but a day to add extra cheesiness to the idea of love?

For as long as I can remember, Tristan and I have not celebrated (and by celebrate, I mean overspend) Valentine’s Day on the actual day.  It just never worked out.  Either one of us would have to work or something just wouldn’t fit into the puzzle.  Eventually it became our own tradition to add extra cheese to a random day surrounding the “holiday.”  You know what?  It’s even better.  No added lines to places, no meals to eat that are ridiculously overpriced, less crowds in restaurants, and so much LESS traffic all around.  LOVE.

Back in October, I found a deal on Goldstar for tickets to The Book of Mormon at Pantages.  I had to purchase them; there was no stopping me.  Looking at the dates that were available, it only seemed right to pick February 12 considering it was some random day near Valentine’s.  Boom!  Two birds in one stone – we have Valentine’s plans, and I finally get to watch this highly talked about Broadway musical that would have cost us an arm and a leg (and probably our hair) if we watched it in New York.  I told Tristan, and he thought it was great.  He would cover dinner plans.

Four months later (lol), it’s our Valentine’s Day.  He had made surprise plans to Beso which is Eva Longoria’s restaurant in Hollywood.  It was a beautiful spot with good food.  He didn’t have to pick such a fancy restaurant, but I sure do love the fancy treatment every now and then.  What girl doesn’t? 🙂

I have to say, the show was pretty hilarious and highly offensive.  If you believe in a God and you can’t stomach that South Park humor, don’t go.  However, if either one of those issues is not an issue to you, you’ll definitely enjoy it.  The show as a production is amazing and incredibly clever.  It’s clear why they won the many Tony awards.  The content was just more offensive that I expected it to be!
Anyhow, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  Despite the fact that I truly LOVE love, there’s no reason to celebrate love on this particular day.  Any and every day is open to the celebration.
I love you, Tristan. 🙂

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