Just Thoughts: Two Weeks Until The Gender Reveal

Guys!  In exactly 2 weeks, Tristan and I will know the gender of our baby alongside family and friends.  I’m so excited and so nervous — but much more excited than anything!

I’ve spent a chunk of my weekend prepping for the big event as well as tending to some things that have been bothering me in the house (early nesting?).  I went out to get some new decor and bought some patio details.  I hope to have everything spic-n-span and pulled together by the time we have guests over!  My weekends have very much evolved.

I still can’t believe I’m practically halfway through the pregnancy.  The second trimester has generally been a treat compared to the first.  My appetite has definitely picked up, and I’m not dying for some sleep as often.  For several days the past few weeks, I’d pack so many snacks in my lunch that my lunch pail was basically about to pop at the zipper; yet somehow around 3pm, I’m completely out of snacks and looking for something else to eat.  It’s ridiculous!  As for sleep, I’m actually feeling great waking up in the morning and sleeping a little later than usual.  I have to give credit to the maternity pillow Tristan got me though.  It was such a sweet surprise.  The pillow looks ridiculous (and is probably Tristan’s new cuddling arch-enemy), but I swear every pregnant woman needs one.  What a game changer.

Anyhow, I’m going to go back to the prep work.  If anything, I’ll need to tidy up the mess I made…

Blue/pink crafting & party goods explosion.
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