Triple Filter

Something I read and felt I should share.  This is something we all need to be reminded of every now and then.
We would all be wise to stop the spreading of gossip, rumors and evil speaking of others dead in its tracks. Here is a great story I heard the other day. It is called the “Triple Filter Test” and has been accredited to the great philosopher Socrates:

One day, a student approached the great philosopher. He said, “Socrates, I have just heard some news about one of your friends.” he exclaimed excitedly.
Socrates said, “Before you tell me this news, we need to make sure that it passes the triple filter test.”
“Triple filter test?” the man asked.
“The first test is that of truth. Tell me, do you know that what you’re going to tell me is absolutely true?” Socrates asked.
The man thought for a time and said, “I heard this news from someone else, so I’m not 100% sure if it’s true.”
“The second test is that of goodness,” Socrates continued, “Is what you’re about to tell me something good?”
“No, actually it’s the opposite…”
Socrates interrupted the man, “So what you’re going to tell me is neither true, nor good?”
The man was slightly embarrassed at this point and shrugged his shoulders.
Socrates continued, “There is one final test which is usefulness. Is what you’re about to tell me going to be useful?”
“Probably not,” the man replied.

“Well, if you’re going to tell me something that’s not true, good or useful, then why tell me at all?”  responded the philosopher.

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