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Paradise Falls: Thousand Oaks, CA

Tristan and I used to go out seeking different local hikes pretty often.  We haven’t done this as much lately, but hiking is always on our list of things to do when we feel like getting outside and sneaking in a little workout.  
A few years ago, I saw a friend on Facebook post pictures from Paradise Falls.  I had no idea this place even existed (isn’t social media great sometimes?), and when I looked it up, it turned out it was just in Thousand Oaks.   With a soft spot for the movie Up, we decided to head out there ASAP and discovered what has got to be one of Ventura County’s best hidden treasures.

There were lots of interesting stops and scenic points.  It’s really not a difficult hike at all, but definitely a great way to get outside and see something new and refreshing.  Plenty of beautiful wildflowers were in bloom when we went too.

In order to see the falls, you follow some signs that eventually lead you to head down some steps.  We found some local critters down here which is always fun.  Once you’re at the bottom, you can sit and enjoy the beautiful view and sounds of the falls.  We watched as some dogs frolicked in the water as we sat on a rock and enjoyed some snacks.

Yellow on black – you’re okay, Jack!  As I was trying to remember what the rhyme really meant as far as the snake’s pattern, I just decided completely to walk away — but not without snapping a photo.  Actually, I probably would’ve done the exact same thing if I knew it was completely safe.  First time seeing a snake on a hike!

The falls was beautiful and just rushing with water.  This was a few years ago, and I hope it’s still running as strong although that is a little doubtful considering our drought situation.  
I remember just looking at the falls and seeing an older couple enjoying it as well.  They were probably in their 50s just gazing at the view.  As they were heading back up, they looked at us and asked if we were on a little day trip.  They mentioned that they were on one too and told us to always make time for day trips and adventures together.  It was so sweet.  That really stuck with me.  Tristan and I were just dating at the time, but until this day, we always make an effort to do something new together when we can.
Going back, you have the option to just take the same trail you took in or to take a route higher and around.  We took the alternate route which was interesting because you get to see the waterfall from the top and backtrack along the river.  There were stairs that had us walking along the edge of the hills which was quite the adventure.  The only concern is that there is barely any shade using this route, so it would be best not to take this way when it’s really hot and dry out.
I’m hoping we’ll get to go back soon! I definitely miss the view.
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