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#ImAtEllen: My Day at an Ellen Taping!

Earlier this year one of my good friends asked me if I liked watching Ellen.

Um… YES!  I watched it practically every day while I was on maternity leave.

She told me she was going to try to get tickets to the show and was going to request the max number of tickets if I was interested too.  I knew the show had a reputation for being almost impossible to get tickets to, so I didn’t think we’d be going anytime soon.  Every time I’ve ever checked the site, the tickets were sold out!  I’ve heard stories of people waiting 2-3 years until they finally got tickets.  Regardless, my friend was feeling lucky.  She had won tickets to a concert on the radio among other winnings, so she wanted to test her luck.

When you request tickets to watch an Ellen show taping, you either get “standby” tickets or “guaranteed” tickets.  They issue more tickets than there are seats to make sure all seats are filled, so if you’re a standby ticket holder, you may or may not get a seat.

Well, my friend – the lucky duck that she is – got 4 guaranteed seats.  No doubt, I was STOKED!  I’ve been wanting to go to an Ellen taping for so long.

I requested a half day from work (I had only been back at work for a few weeks), and off I went.

When we got to the studio, there was a waiting area in the parking lot where they checked everyone in before it was time to line up for the show.  They sold some food here and souvenirs.  They had a team of people go through the aisles and do quick interviews with groups.  Our group was selected!  Later, all groups that were approached went outside of the parking lot and were asked a few questions, then we were asked to sit down.  A few people were asked to go to a bungalow for other details.  I’m not sure what was the purpose because there were no audience members called down during the taping; I wonder if they do this at every show in case they need a special contest or skit to get thrown in to complete the show.  I’ll never really know.

They eventually started lining us up by number then taking us across the street to the actual studio where the show is taped.  We waited in a waiting area which was basically an Ellen store for a bit (got our celebrity selfie!) then got seated!


Not bad for a 1-second opportunity to get in on the selfie!

We were REALLY hoping to see Chris Pratt, but it turns out his episode was taped the day prior.  Instead, we got to see Victoria Beckham and Katie Lowes (Quinn from Scandal).  Not too shabby.  Ellen also seems just as awesome in person.

Sadly, we did not get any free goodies to take home (I guess we got free seeds, but that’s another story), but at least I got the elite experience of getting to go to an Ellen taping!  My friend said her luck could only get us so far… Haha.

(Some photo credits to my friend, Cass!  Thanks for the awesome experience!!)Ellen TV | Burbank, California

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