The Time We Swam with Wild Dolphins

In honor of our upcoming trip to Hawaii, I wanted this week’s “Travel Back” to reminisce on one of my most memorable experiences — the day I got to swim with wild dolphins.
I don’t believe dolphins and whales should be in captivity.  I don’t believe that those “swim with dolphins” tourist attractions are cute or worthwhile.  They break my heart.  After watching documentaries like “The Cove” and “Blackfish,” I can’t really understand why anyone would think these beautiful animals sitting in captivity for our entertainment would be a good thing.
I digress, this experience was life-changing.  It was beautiful to watch them swim in their pods freely, and some even jumping into the air to say “hello.”  My husband and I were on the island of Oahu for a cousin’s wedding, and we knew we had to do something no one else had done.  Parasailing didn’t appeal to us much, nor did any of the other cliche tourist activities.  We were then referred to Eo Wai’anae Tours by a cab driver.  Looking online, they had amazing reviews… then off we went to book a tour.
They supplied the snorkel gear, food, and entertainment.  They took us out on a catamaran that rode out into the ocean, had other crews help spot where the dolphins were, then had us jump in!  It was amazing!  The dolphins were just feet, sometimes INCHES, away from our toes.  To encounter them out in the ocean like this was amazing.  No doubt, it took my breath away.

After spending some time with the dolphins, the crew took us back to a bay (while bringing the team together with a little music and dancing!) where we got to snorkel and see sea turtles and local fish.  If you were bold enough, you could even try to paddle board!

Overall, it’s an ideal Hawaiian experience worth every penny.  It’s family run which adds a little more of that Hawaiian warmth to it.  We’ve referred this tour to several of our friends who all continue to vouch for the amazing time that’s to be had.  One pair of our friends actually saw a whale alongside the dolphins!

Check out Eo Waianae Tours if you’re headed over to Oahu, Hawaii!  You won’t regret it.

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