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Backstreet Boys @ The Forum

I’m sitting here wondering where the week went while watching KTLA news.  Guess what?  The Backstreet Boys are going to be on in any minute.  They’ve been showing up on morning television pretty often to promote their new documentary, and these guest appearances have gotten me a little nostalgic.  Well, that said, what better post to share than this one 🙂

Last year for my birthday, my husband surprised me with tickets to the Backstreet Boys concert.  Yes, I said last year.  Not 10 or 15 years ago – LAST YEAR.  Growing up, I was a serious fanatic!  I was stoked (when was the last time you heard that word?)
Technically, he told me he wanted to get me tickets to the concert.  He didn’t buy it yet because he wanted my input on which tickets to get.  Floor seats were a little under $100, and there were cheaper ones scattered around.  I told him we should get the cheaper ones since we’re there to hear their singing and not necessarily try to get them to touch my hand or pull me up on stage (although that wouldn’t have been half bad).  Off we went!

The Forum, or formerly known as the Great Western Forum, was a major indoor sports venue as it was home to a lot of our home teams before they all moved to the Staples Center in 1999.  Basically, it’s a Los Angeles landmark, and on September 24, 2014, the Forum was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  Interesting fact?  The Forum was purchased by the Madison Square Garden Company and announced that they wanted to renovate the arena to become a “world-class” concert venue.  I had never actually been to The Forum before this trip – nor did I pay much attention to sports when our home teams were playing here – but my husband was in awe once we got there.  Apparently, it’s changed quite a bit.  Although I never got to see it before the renovations, I love that this arena has such a huge history with the city.

Funny side story:  During our early months of dating, we would ask each other questions to see what we liked better in order to get to know each other.  You know, like “Coke or Pepsi?” or “McDonald’s or Jack In The Box?”  Well, considering the boy band era was at such a peak during our  middle school/high school lives, we had to find out… “Backstreet Boys or NSYNC?”  I was shocked to hear he was a Backstreet fan over NSYNC!  To this day we still contribute that little tidbit to our relationship success. Haha.

Anyway, the show was awesome.  The boys are all grown up.  I was worried the show would be a little cheesy, but it was nothing close to cheesy.  They didn’t wear any weird costumes or do anything ridiculous.  They performed all of their greatest hits as well as a few of their new songs.  They still sound great.  It was my 4th Backstreet concert, and this one had to be my favorite.  The husband really loved it too – it was his first time seeing them perform live.


It’s amazing how full the Fabulous Forum was.  I believe the show was sold out!  Most of the crowd were definitely in their mid to late 20s, and a lot of couples were there.  There were a few kids as well, but it seemed like most of them were there to see Avril Lavigne who was the opening act.

Thank you, hubby, for such a great birthday gift!  It was so much fun reminiscing.  I felt 15 again.

The Forum | 3900 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90305

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