I Left My [Mind] In San Francisco

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that we made a quick trip up to Northern California.  Like I mentioned about a week ago, it’s been a while since we’ve gone anywhere which is pretty abnormal for us.  I guess we overestimated ourselves as pro-travelers with a baby, because I could’ve sworn we lost our mind somewhere between our last trip to Boston and this trip (about 5 months!).

It started off with my husband’s watch going missing before we were going to head out.  T went on the hunt for it multiple times, and when it came down to it, we decided to just leave (while T figured it would now be one of those things that we’ll never find until we move out).  Well, I nearly begged to look one last time before we left.  It was already nighttime, and we were running behind schedule.  I knew I saw D playing with it that morning; it couldn’t have just disappeared into thin air.

Well, I found it.  He likes to empty out my personal drawers, so lo-and-behold, there it was.  We should have taken that whole scenario as a sign of things to come.

First, we forgot a few things at home like D’s toothbrush and baby shampoo.
Second, we left 3 of his bottles (filled with milk!) at point A when we left for point B.  Thank goodness, we were heading back to point A the next day.  Milk was frozen solid in the freezer. Haha.
Third, his sippy cup disappeared into some abyss because it’s nowhere to be found.  We also think we left one of our phone chargers at Point B.

Maybe these seem minor, but it was a shock for us!  We – as a team – are normally so efficient.  I mean, I guess we either overestimated ourselves or we just didn’t think it thoroughly enough since we were just going up north and staying with family vs. flying somewhere and staying at a hotel.  Or maybe we were just used to the baby necessities and not all of the toddler necessities.  Or maybe it was just pure mommy/daddy brain from having an active toddler.  I’ll never really know, but it sure was a wake-up call for our next trip (which we are planning all the nitty gritty details NOW).

Anyway, we went on this trip on short notice to console and support as there was a loss in our family.  It’s been a little surreal the number of funerals we’ve attended the past few years.  It has been hard for me to handle at times.  I’m glad we were able to make it this weekend to support loved ones as that could’ve easily not fallen into place.

We did take some time to do a little sightseeing on our first day there (see about the Muir Woods on this post), but for the remainder of the weekend, we spent it all with family.  It was really refreshing to be able to spend time with them again as we probably visit 2-3 times a year (less last year since we had little Dominic).  I definitely want to make the effort to go more often, however, we’re also trying to figure out if flying or driving with the little guy is better.   He did great on the way there since we left at night (although he did wake up a few times looking completely confused as to why he was still in the car in the dark haha), but going home during the day was a different story.  Restricting a toddler from his desire for adventure is not the ideal situation for anyone to be in.  I had to entertain him with a lot of random stuff.  I mean, he wasn’t really as bad as I imagine he could’ve been, but it did really make me start debating if a flight would’ve been easier.

Ya know, maybe because of the time save I would’ve be able to focus on all of these little things that I forgot.

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