Remembering My Pregnancy Cravings

One of the common questions that people like to ask me is “Have you had any cravings?”
I’m not sure why it’s so fascinating.  Is everyone just waiting for me to say some crazy random things like in TV and movies?  I always feel like I’m going to disappoint people because I get the feeling they’re anticipating something outrageous.  You know… like “Yeah, I HAD to have churros made in Mexico last week!  Only the ones made in Mexico!”
I honestly haven’t had any cravings from out of the country, but my cravings have really taken me back to my past.  I’ve dubbed them my nostalgic cravings.  During the first trimester, I craved a lot of Asian sides and snacks that I haven’t had since I was little, and by little I mean like 15 and under.  My parents are so sweet too — anytime I mentioned something, they brought it home for me the week after.  I love them so much.
One of the weirdest ones was wanting a Whopper from Burger King.  I haven’t had that thing in over a decade, and for some reason it sounded SO good.  My husband went to get it for me, and they had to question him because he asked for only one Whopper.  He didn’t order anything else, and he said the guy on the intercom sounded confused.  What’s wrong with just ordering one Whopper?  Haha.
Most recently, out of the blue, I wanted Little Caesar’s Crazy Bread.  I didn’t just want breadsticks.  It had to be the Little Caesar’s Crazy Bread.  I probably haven’t had this in well over a decade too!  Where did the itch come from?  I have no idea, but that first bite was pretty amazing.  I ate 7 breadsticks.  Tristan ate the 8th.
I don’t indulge in my cravings much, but when I do, it’s pretty amazing.  Hmmmm I can smell the breadsticks right now.
My sweet tooth is also officially back, and I treated myself to some Oreos.  What is it about Oreos and milk that’s just so delightful?  It kind of just makes you smile.  I’d enjoy one or two of them after a bowl of Raisin Bran so I don’t completely waste the milk (or that’s my justification).


What will I crave for next? 🙂

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