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Camping by Kern River

Written 8/29/13 – transferred from old blog
I was really hesitant to go on this trip due to my first half marathon being the following weekend, and I had yet to run a truly long distance during my training.  I was going to run it during this weekend, but I just couldn’t resist.  You know me.  Yolo. (ew did I just say that?)

Anyway, I don’t regret it.  I came back a bit sore from sleeping on the floor and trying to paddle my way out of rocks from my inner tube due to a low water levels so I kinda lost a few days of training, BUT I couldn’t have gone with a better group of people.  That’s a huge chunk of what great experiences are made of — good company.  The marathon… I’ll deal with later.
We went to a camping spot in Sequoia National Park right by Kern River.  It was gorgeous.  The water was a bit low, but it was so pretty to look at.  We went with Tristan’s coworker, his wife, and his wife’s best friend and her husband.  It was a good ol’ couples’ retreat (except we were the only ones not leaving kids at home, ’cause, you know, we don’t have any yet).
Just me and the hubs. 🙂

The campground.
No matter how impressive man-made structures get, nothing impresses me more than mother nature (aka God’s creation 🙂

After we set up our tents (not as difficult as I expected), we had some lunch then headed to the river for some tubing and just having natural water massages as we leaned against the rocks.  It was quite the experience.  The water wasn’t quite as pristine as it was when we went whitewater rafting here, but it was probably due to the water levels being so low.  After that, some of us went a mile or so back and went tubing — and this is where I got stuck at practically every rock and drifted in the opposite direction as everyone else for about an hour.  It’s hard being little.  
Nonetheless, once we got back to the campgrounds, we went to view the sunset from the higher point of a mountain nearby.  Now, this was my first time “off-roading.”  Tristan’s coworker William took us up there in his fancy car, and I’m pretty sure my heart stopped a few times.  NOT sure if I could stomach that again, but the view was pretty spectacular. 
Water massages with the lovely Gretchen.
Hubs getting sick of me drifting away hah

That spectacular sunset view after my anxiety attack (just kidding… sorta)

Aside from adventures, there was a lot of FOOD.  Now, this isn’t your typical camping trip, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m pretty spoiled to have had this experience as my first because it was essentially a feast.  Let me correct that — it was a Filipino feast.  Absolutely delicious.
Our chefs to the perfect Filipino camping feast.

Shrimp, squid, beef, pork, fish, rice, and so much more…

We spent the evening eating, drinking, and playing our own funky version of Taboo and charades.  HILARIOUS.  Oh, and the final touch?  Balut was our late-night snack.  If you don’t know what that is, you can Google it 🙂
I have to add that the showcase of stars in the sky when you go camping is breathtaking.  I’ve never been able to see so many stars in my life.  I tried to take pictures, but not one could do it justice — you just have to see it with your own eyes.  Even then, you might not really believe what you’re seeing.  Once the moon started to rise, you could see fewer stars, but those moments from right after the sun goes down and the moon is still hiding behind the mountain?  Oh… beautiful.  There are no words to describe it.
The next day, we woke up, had breakfast, packed up, and headed out.  It was a short but very sweet trip, and it was a great introduction to the world of “camping in a tent.”  I’ve only done cabin camping haha.  Luckily, the other couple we were with was experiencing their first real camping trip too, and we had William and Gretchen to teach us the ropes.  The hubs has gone on camping trips several times before, but it was definitely not quite like this one 🙂
The sun peaking over the mountain at sunrise over the campsite.

The crew taking timer photos!

Until next time!
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