Officially Homeowners

It’s been quite a long journey, but as of today, we are officially homeowners 🙂

Summary of the journey?  We searched for homes a few months after marriage, placed bids, and lost the homes to cash buyers and investors.  We bumped into one that would have been a fixer-upper, our bid was accepted, and we were about to open escrow when we decided it wasn’t worth the investment and backed out.  We would go over budget AND have to update the entire interior.  We decided to take a break and save a bit more; our current savings just wouldn’t cut it.  Once we got back from Brazil, we decided it was time to begin house hunting again.  We checked out a handful, but we bumped into a townhouse that we adored.  It was within budget, it was newly renovated, and it was near my parents — all ideal situations.  It wasn’t a stand alone home, but it was okay.  It was less for us to manage as we adjust to owning our own property.  We placed a bid with our excellent realtor, and here we are — homeowners 🙂

I must say we were incredibly blessed to have such a smooth escrow process.  The seller really wanted to just sell the house, so anything we requested, it was taken care of.  I’ve heard of so many horror stories that this really felt like a walk in the park.  We even closed escrow early!  We are so thankful!

Speaking of thankful, we are so thankful to my parents.  We couldn’t have done it if they didn’t offer to take us under their wing and pretty much force us to save money and purchase a home.  They were so opposed to us renting, and we are so thankful for that.  All of our family and friends support, encouragement and understanding (when we had to decline going to outings lol) means a lot to us.

Anyhow, once I got off of work, I headed to our new home as Tristan had met with the realtor earlier to get the key.  I parked in front of the house, and there was my wonderful hubby standing there patiently.  I walked up to him, hugged him, and he picked me up like it was our wedding day!  Filled with happiness and laughter, he told me to reach down and open the house door.  He carried me in to make it official, put me down… then we jumped for joy.  It was awfully perfect.  Oh boy, oh boy! Where will life take us next??

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