Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Vol. 11

Baby, I am so proud to be your mom. I love playing with you, learning with you, and even giving you the independence to figure some of these life things out on your own. Like most moms, however, I feel like I can’t help but worry if I’m doing too much or too little. I want to give you the right tools to soar when your time comes and for you to become an honest and contributing citizen of the planet, but for you to still always feel completely comfortable to come to me for help.  Maybe I’m thinking too far ahead too, but I’m sure you’ll come to learn that that is something mommy has a tendency to do. Regardless, I love every minute with you.  I’m not sure your dad and I ever really comprehended life before you.

Here are some memories from the past 2 months (time just FLIES)!

We took him to a splash pad for the first time. It was at Tristan’s company picnic. This kid loves water, and when we walked up to the splash pad, he was a little confused. He wasn’t sure what to make of it. Tristan convinced him to keep walking, and I will remember this moment so clearly forever. He looked at Tristan like “Is this real life? Can I really play with all the water??” Tristan nodded and urged him to play. Dominic’s arms stretched out in excitement, and he had the biggest smile plastered on his face. He ran from splash to splash and trying to understand where all the water was coming from. Oh, his face was heartbreaking when we had to walk away!


He finally enjoys the swings!!
He’s gotten so smart!  I bought a new wallet that zips on all 3 sides.  I thought it would prevent him from spreading all of the contents everywhere, but he figured it out and zips every zipper he sees.


Throwing balls is his favorite thing… Next to throwing rocks.
One night, I had things to do after putting him to bed, so after he finished drinking his bottle with daddy, he walked over to me to lie down on my chest. I think he knew I was going to leave. We kept talking to him calmly to go to dad for bedtime, and within 5 minutes, he decided to crawl back over to dad and laid down. He then looked over at me and said “goodnight.”
My brother had found a giant beetle that couldn’t fly anymore, so he let it crawl on his hand and showed Dominic.  Dominic could not stop saying “woooow” but in that whisper of amazement. He would not go anywhere near it for a good 5 minutes, but he eventually got pretty up close to it. Not ready to touch it yet though!

He says “toe” and points his toe to the floor.  He also points at his nose, our eyes, and mouth – and when he points to his mouth, we both say “ahhh” like when we’re at the doctor’s office. Haha.

One time, he was fiddling with a piece of thread on the floor with his little foot.  He couldn’t figure out what it was and got worried, so he ran to Tristan and pulled him over worried and pointed at the string.  SO CUTE.

He says goodnight, ball, milk, water, chip, cup, and lots of other words!  He’s picking up so quickly that we now have to be very cautious about everything we say and do. Haha.

When I stick out my tongue, he sticks out his and then CRACKS UP.  The laughter is infectious!  We could do it for hours.

He’s always reluctant to kiss.  If we want to kiss him, he’s open to it, but to kiss us, he’s very picky.  One night I was lying down with him to help him fall asleep, and he wrapped his arm around my neck and snuggled up close.  A moment later, he moved his head back and looked at me and leaned in for a kiss then snuggled up close again.  He did the kiss again, then snuggled quietly.  My heart swelled beyond all reason.

Starting to really smile for the camera!
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