Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Vol 9

Whenever he says “mom” now, he likes to use his hands and pat his chest as if to say “my mom.”  My heart grows every time he does it.

For several weeks, I would say “I loooove you!” to him and most of the time he would respond back with “Aaahpachoo!”  I was so confused.  I knew he was trying to say something in particular because he would say the same thing each time.  I realize now that he’s probably saying it back or even “I love you too.”

It feels like he’s learning something new every week, if not every day.  He’s definitely mimicking mom and dad more and more, even when it comes to cleaning.  I hope he decides to keep with the cleaning thing because that would be awesome to get some help around here 🙂

We watch Wheel of Fortune almost every weekday night.  It’s a guilty pleasure.  I’m also secretly hoping it helps him recognize the alphabet soon!  Anyway, at the end of every episode, it does not fail.  He always waves back “goodbye” to Vanna White.

One time, we were about to give him his juice during dinner, but since he had just put a piece of food in his mouth, Tristan held it back for a minute to prevent Dominic from taking the juice box and squeezing juice all over the place.  Instead of taking his time to chew his food then ask for the juice box, he shoved all of the food on his table into his mouth then reached out for the juice box.  Somehow he thought we wouldn’t give it to him unless his meal was done!

He loves being outdoors, and I mean LOVE.  When we go outside to water the plants, he will kick and scream when it’s time to go inside.  I think he loves the constant stimulation because there’s always something new to see from a new budding plant or a blooming flower.  He even likes to point out the leaves that move in the trees when there’s a breeze.

On a walk before a hike, we let him wander around.  Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks, looked down at a leaf on the floor, and said “ooOOOHh.”  He then proceeded to reach down and pick it up.  He thought it was the coolest leaf ever.  At some point, he dropped the leaf then found a stick which he carried back to the car.

Speaking of outdoors, on Earth Day no less, a ladybug flew into our home when we went inside.  He, of course, started crying that we had to go in, but I managed to get the ladybug to crawl on my finger and kept pointing at it to get him to look.  He instantly stopped crying and had this amazing look of wonder in his eyes.  My darling, my darling.  I hope you have experiences like this for the rest of your life.  Nature is so inspiring.

Also, on the topic of watering the plants, I use a spray bottle to help dampen really dry soil so that water gets soaked up evenly.  I also kind of believe that the plants like a little shower.  Anyway, I taught him how to use the spray bottle, but he actually prefers to spray himself with it instead of the plants.

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