Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Vol. 12

One day, you kept saying “bok!” Tugging my shirt and saying, “bok!”  I didn’t know what you were saying so I asked you to show me what “bok” was.  You grabbed my leg and walked me over to the bag of blocks.

The other day, you pointed at my belly and said “baby?”  I’m not totally sure how you even learned mommy could carry a baby in her tummy, but it made me start to wonder if you are waiting for a sibling. I had no idea you were even aware of this possibility.Watee = water
Mote = remote
Tra-pol = Paw Patrol

You also love Dory, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Cars

In Puerto Vallarta, you saw a lizard toy that we encouraged you to touch, and when you picked it up, you went to the floor to make him walk along the floor.  It was the first time we saw you make an animal toy act like an animal, and we nearly died over how sweet it was.  On a different note, you also fell in the pool there and immediately said “I fall down!” when you got back up.

One night, we decided to let you stay up late.  You’re normally in bed by 8:30.  On this particular night, it was about 8:50 and you found a blanket, put it on the floor, laid down, and said “goodnight!”  Guess you couldn’t hang.

You climb to change the thermostat and turning it on and off seems to be one of the cooler things in life (pun intended)

When you want more to eat, you come up to us with your bowl and ask “more?” as if you were asking for more soup.  It is the cutest thing.

You’re more inclined to say “ca mong” (Vietnamese) instead of “thank you.”

When we ask for a kiss, 80% of the time, you offer your cheek for us to kiss instead of really kissing us.  It’s as if you say, “no, you kiss me, please.”

When you’re done eating, you say “emp ee” like empty or “all gone now.”

Speaking of eating, you’re pretty picky now.  You used to eat everything, but it’s seems you’ve learned more of your likes and dislikes, and some of them just change overnight!  For nearly 2 years, you would only taste broccoli then spit it out.  As of last week, you’ve been happily saying “broccoli!” and then gobbling it up.  No idea what happened, but I’m happy.

You know “clocks” and “chime time” thanks to Daniel Tiger.  However, you currently are in love with Paw Patrol.  So much that you’ve ordered several episodes on Amazon without us knowing.  We would find out randomly because your dad would get an email notifying him of the purchase.

When the car turns, you say “whee!”  You also love watching trains pass by while saying “choo choo!”  Speaking of cars and trains, you now love toy cars and say things like “Go fast! Vroom vroom!”  Needless to say, your daddy is quite proud. <3

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