Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Vol 10

This series has so much of my heart.  Every time I go back and read these, I can barely fathom that I made him in my own body.  He is living.  He is breathing.  He is growing.  He is learning.  He amazes me every single day.  I was actually supposed to share this post last night, but he was being so needy (but oh so sweet).  He would not go to bed without me by his side.  He would cry if I gave any impression that I was leaving him with his dad, and so, I gave in.  We snuggled.  He rolled up close to me, wrapped his tiny arm around my waist, and fell asleep.  This age… oh this age… I wish I could just bottle it all up.

Anyway, here’s more memories from the past 2 wonderful months of growth.  He is officially 1.5 years old!

He has his own little bed in our room, but he wakes up and walks to the side of our bed in the middle of the night without fail hoping to get scooped up and sleep in the bed with us.  It is about the cutest darn thing I’ve ever seen.  Although I say that about pretty much everything he does.

I was eating salad one day – bowl in hand on the couch.  Dominic is just walking around playing when he notices me eating.  He comes over, climbs onto the couch in the cutest tiny toddler way (entire leg up on the couch, then pulls himself up!), and instead of hugging me or doing something sweet, he slips through my arms and takes his hand and puts it in my salad bowl – then proceeds to feed himself.  I swear he ate 2 bowls of rice and chicken right before this so he couldn’t have been hungry.  Maybe he was craving veggies??

I grew tomatoes for the first time this year.  It’s been pretty exciting watching them grow (might I add, they are also delicious).  Dominic refuses to let me go water the plants by myself.  He absolutely has to be outside with me when the momentous occasion of watering the plants happens.  A few days he’s picked off some Thai chili peppers (which I had to quickly pull from his hand before he bit into it), but one day he saw his first red tomato.  Guess what he did?  He plucked it off.  Guess what I did?  Try to quickly pull it from his hand until – whoops, he smooshed it.  All the juicy tomato goodness and teeny tiny seeds just gushed from between his fingers.  I’ll admit, I was a little upset and hurt that I just lost a tomato, but I had to laugh.  I really had to laugh because it was such a cute and almost cliche toddler moment.  He loved it all the way to the end where he was trying to shake the seeds off his tiny hand.

He has been saying “Uh Oh” pretty often.  Chip falls? “Uh Oh.” Mommy sneeze? “Uh Oh.” Pants fall? “Uh Oh.”

He has been getting some dance moves lately!  His favorite song to dance to right now is “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake.  Even in the car in his carseat, he’ll start swinging his knees in and out or pushing against the chair to bounce.  His second favorite song?  The Big Bang Theory theme song.  We watch the show pretty often, and every time the theme song starts, he runs over to the open area between the TV and the couch and start to boogie.  I can’t even.  Happens with the instrumental version for the end credits too.  Oh, and at the end of the song it goes “Bang!”  He instead says “Gong!”  He also says it about a second too late, but we get what he’s trying to do 🙂


He pats his belly when he’s shirtless now… all while having a big smile on his face.  Gahhhh.
Hugs! Lots of hugs!  He is a hugger!  When Tristan or I come home from work, he has this huge smile on his face then toddles over to us and hugs us!  He hugs our family when he sees them.  He gets nervous around other people, but he seems to warm up to them pretty quickly once he realizes we’re okay with them.  When I took him to a friend’s baby shower, he refused to be near anyone but me.  After about an hour, he kept going around giving the ladies hugs.  I have to mention it was his first time meeting some of them.He seems to be very mechanical.  More than one person outside of us has noticed it too.  He likes to see and understand how things work (might be a product of the button obsession).  He pushes things and turns switches then waits for something to happen.  He tries to turn the doorknobs then observes how the lock mechanism works.  When he gets new toys, he seems to like to completely inspect it with his little fingers, and his eyes are always so inquisitive.  I wish I could read what’s going on in his mind, but it’s pretty awesome watching this side of him develop.

^when he conquered pneumonia :: when he realized Daniel Tiger is leaving Netflix ^

I heard kids like to play under the table, and he recently started doing this.  It’s pretty cute.  It was around this time that I decided to build our first fort which he LOVED.  I then took out this tent that someone gave us for his birthday, and now it’s one of his favorite places to play in (and play peek-a-boo in!).

Oh what adventures lie next!

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