The Tran Family / Family Session

I’ve mentioned Rumy a few times here before. She’s the amazing pastry chef behind our wedding cake, gender reveal cake, and Dominic’s birthday cake. She’s the owner of Cakes by Rumy and – might I add – a Food Network Challenge champion :). I met her through my cousin a few years ago and have been in touch ever since.

Over the holidays, Rumy reached out to me to see if I could take some holiday photos for her family. How could I say no?! I was genuinely honored and excited that I could finally offer something for her for once.
Rumy’s only requirement was simple. She wanted tall grass. Just from that, I had a good idea of what she was looking for – that beautiful, almost romantic, outdoor session.  The time and day we were able to meet up was perfect as I was able to get that warm and soft lighting with just a slight overcast.  It really worked out in our favor.



This was my first time ever photographing a family with a furbaby too. I think he and I did pretty well! 🙂  My next few sessions included furbabies which has been so much fun.  No tips really for this, but treats are always nice for the little guys!Again, these photos are unedited.  I’ll probably start sharing edited photos once I catch up to more recent sessions on the new camera, mostly because I finally bought Lightroom (yes, very late to the party).  Regardless, I loved the outcome of these photos and am really enjoying learning to use this space.  It hasn’t failed me yet!  Also, I’m really loving photographing babies.  I mean, with a smile like this little guy’s, how can I possibly not enjoy this!?

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