The Tantrum


My son likes to play with cups. He likes to play with bottles, containers, pretty much a lot of mundane things adults use, but he’s a little particular to cups.

My dad had a styrofoam cup in his hand before he left for work. Dominic reached up to try to get it, so my dad told me to grab an empty cup for him to play with. All I thought was Oh! Great idea. My dad left for work, and I still had work to do. Baby boy was happy shaking his cup around and scurrying around in his walker. I write an email, turn to him and find two missing chunks from the cup. I FREAK out. He had never bitten a cup before! I thought we had an understanding that cups are for drinking out of, but I guess he wanted to see what else he could do. I reach into his mouth with my fingers, and he starts to freak out. He starts to get hysterical as I fling out the last bit (thankfully it was all there). Normally he would cry, I would hold him, and we would move on. This time, not so much. He bounced and yelled and ran off into the kitchen with his walker while crying extremely loud. He found himself a corner and just started crying and screaming. Oh dear. Is this really it? Does it really start now??

His first tantrum.
I pick him up, and let him watch the fishes in the aquarium. He calms down a bit but is still a little flustered. I talk to him letting him know that I didn’t mean to startle him but that styrofoam is not meant for eating. He has a few more sniffles.  I give him a toy he can’t attempt to eat, give him a few more snuggles, and go about our day.Oh my baby, my baby.  What will you be like in a year?  I pray this will be the worst tantrum you ever have because this momma cannot handle your sad tears, sweet boy.

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