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The Science Behind Pixar

The second I heard about this Pixar exhibit, I got in touch with one of our favorite Disney lovin’ families and made plans!

“The Science Behind Pixar” takes place at the California Science Center, and it lets kids (and adults!) learn a lot of the nitty gritty details behind Pixar’s amazing animations.  There’s a mini-movie at the beginning of the exhibit to give you an intro, then you’re able to get interactive with every aspect of the film-making process.  It is an AWESOME exhibit, and definitely fun for the whole family!



^ Dominic testing out different lighting options for the room in Up!
^ Our littles building their own Wall-E robot designs together, and hubby and Dom getting a bug’s eye view like in A Bug’s Life!
^ We found Dory!!
^ When I told him to give Dory a hug 🙂
^Changing the appearance on these model shapes
^Pushing buttons – Buzz Lightyear’s buttons!  Also, a shot with some Monsters 🙂

To get into the exhibit, you have to buy a separate ticket (the center itself is free), and the ticket includes access to see the space shuttle Endeavor!  I’ve been wanting to see it in person for a while, and it was really amazing to see this up close. I never really thought I’d get to see a space shuttle in person, and it’s phenomenal to really be able to admire and absorb one of the most amazing things humankind has been able to accomplish – space travel.




^I always thought shuttles were smooth like cars, but they’re covered with a bunch of panels. 


^Our favorite little button pushers haha
^ Yay for our family adventures!
The Pixar exhibit is sticking around until mid-April 2017, so if you’re interested, definitely get your tickets online and go!  They sell the tickets at different time slots, so it’ll help to pre-plan.  You definitely don’t want to show up and have the time slots you arrive for to be sold out!
We had so much fun exploring and letting the kids stretch their imaginations a little while interacting with some new gadgets.  I definitely enjoyed it.  At one point in my life, I wanted to work for Pixar, so it was a joy to get even more insight into the happenings of the company and how they’re able to develop their movie magic. I hope they continue to make more amazing movies – to infinity and beyond (ok, I had to)!
A few more photos with our figurines… 🙂
^ These kids are the best!!  Although, I got to admit, getting them all in there was like herding cats.  For at least 5 minutes, we looked more like the photo on the right haha!


^ At least we got some pretty great family photos!
California Science Center | 700 Exposition Park Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90037
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