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The Refugee Crisis

Over the weekend, we went to see the Refugee exhibit at The Anneberg Space for Photography. I really wish I had gone sooner to encourage others to go, but we went on the final day.  It was so moving from sharing images of the struggles, the hurt, and the fear of the people, to sharing images to remind us that at the end of the day these are real people just like us.  They are people like us simply in the pursuit of happiness.  As a child of refugee parents, it was still so hard to fathom, so it goes without saying that my heart is heavy with the thought of war and conflict still happening around the world with so many people still uprooting their families in search of nothing more than hope.

If you follow the news at all, I’m sure you’ve seen images of Omran, a young boy pulled from rubble from an attack in Aleppo and seen waiting in a bright orange chair completely dazed and emotionless.  It broke my heart.  I’m sure it broke millions of hearts.  It’s photos like this that have spiked donations to help him and families like his, but with time, donations tend to wane.  However, the people struggling to find peace and leaving their homes to seek refuge does not.  The war does not stop.  The bombing does not stop.

I’ve found some organizations that are working to help provide care, food, and shelter to our fellow humans who are struggling to find a sense of peace and normalcy.  Sometimes we can feel completely helpless living in a completely different country, but there are people who are risking their lives and actively helping but need our help to gather the supplies necessary.  If you feel the need to help somehow, please do donate.

SAMS Foundation – Works with Syrian American health care professionals and operates medical facilities throughout the country, including in eastern Aleppo.Doctors without Borders – Operates a hospital run by Syrian staff and offers front-line medical treatment.

Migrant Offshore Aid Station – Malta-based foundation dedicated to preventing loss of life by providing professional search-and-rescue assistance to refugees and migrants in distress at sea.

Save the Children – Helping children and families rebuild their lives through support and education.

Questscope – Centered on providing immediate trauma support and psychosocial counseling. Victims are also provided with non-food-items such as blankets and clothes, pots and pans – things needed to restart life.

Refugees Welcome – Dubbed as a kind of “Airbnb for refugees.” They match people with spare rooms with refugees in need of housing in Germany.

Greater Europe Mission – Offers physical and spiritual support through Christian ministry.

Unicef – Focuses on assisting migrant and refugee children by providing healthcare, nutrition, immunization, water and sanitation, and classes.  This link can direct you to opportunities to help the migrant and refugee crisis in Syria and other countries.




If you’re curious, you can still see some of the images that were up at the Anneberg exhibit on the site and on the Facebook page.  The photos above were taken outside of the exhibit; we weren’t allowed to take any photos once we were inside.  For more information beyond the exhibit, the organization that sponsored it is The UN Refugee Agency.

Anneberg Space for Photography | 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067

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