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[foodventures] Malibu Market + Our Independence Day Celebration

Hope everyone in the US enjoyed a nice July 4 holiday! This year was a little weird for us. We had no plans. Instead of trying to pull something together with friends, we decided to just relax and do something on our own. We don’t get many full days together as a family each month, so we were going to try to make something of it and relish the day as we remind ourselves of our freedoms.

I was hoping to have Dominic see his first fireworks show, so we started to plan a day out in Malibu then catch the fireworks there, but we soon found out that we needed to pick up family at the airport around 7pm. I came to the conclusion that Dominic may not be quite ready for a fireworks display just yet, so it wasn’t so bad (He was completely startled by someone shooting an illegal firework the night before in our neighborhood and cried hysterically. My poor baby). We still decided to venture around Malibu then head out to the airport.

We went to Malibu Market where we enjoyed a late lunch at Malibu Kitchen (visit inspired by the show “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” which is a great series on Netflix) and enjoyed dessert at the famous Grom.


^ I took a walk with him while we waited for Tristan to order the food.  Apparently we made new friends.
^Look at his little face!!



It’s a fun, old-school deli spot with some great sandwiches.  I got the veggie with hummus and my husband got the turkey brie.  The black truffle chips are MUST if you go.  The location is pretty much right across the street from the beach, so it was awesome to sit outside and enjoy the beach breeze.



Grom was a refreshing spot as they served all-natural gelato.  The peach sorbet was amazing.  They’re overall very green-friendly with special trash/recycle bins for their cups, spoons, and napkins.  I didn’t know it before we got there, but it turns out Grom is an international brand. Dominic had fun sampling a few flavors and having a few bites of our orders.

We got stuffed. At this point, we wanted to go for a walk, but looking for parking to stop at the pier seemed too much of a hassle… and then some bummers just rolled along. We stopped where we saw some parking along the coast to soak in the view, breathe in the sea breeze, and take a few photos. I love just sitting by the ocean. There is something so relaxing about it.


Well, turns out I left the memory card to my camera at home (bummer #1), so we were only able to take iPhone photos which I guess wasn’t so bad. I’ve just never done that before, so I was pretty disappointed with myself. After a few minutes of just unwinding by the sea, we decided to try to visit Lake Shrine instead, but it was closed! So, then we decided to just head out to Burbank and go to Ikea to finally buy some patio furniture, but they were sold out! So, we went to Home Depot instead and they couldn’t deliver! Ha. So, then what? We go to Krispy Kremes and eat our bummers in the form of donuts. Negative turned positive. Boom.



^ In case you’re wondering, we didn’t put him in the seat with both legs on one side.  He likes putting one foot up, and at some point when he put it back down, he put it on the same side.  We were cracking up once we noticed!

Overall, it was fun and adventurous day, but it just really wasn’t your typical Independence Day celebration.  We were still a little festive with our outfits and enjoyed one of America’s most invigorating pastimes – eating!

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