A Happy Life is All a Matter of Perspective

Sometimes we get caught up with wishing we had this and wishing we had that.  In a world where we all like to share the events that make our journey in life most exciting — our big accomplishments, new purchases and traveling adventures — to the universe, it’s hard not to get caught up sometimes.

An old elementary friend shared this link on Facebook, and although I chose to look to see some amazing photographs, the photos really touched me far beyond just “wow, pretty pictures.”  I won’t blame this on the hormones because it drew a large crowd of “likes” without a caption.  The photos give you perspective and affect you in ways you wouldn’t have expected before going through the images.  They’re powerful (link below).

Being able to afford to have a roof over my head (with hubby, of course), keep plenty of food on the table, and even have running water – it all makes me feel so lucky.  Even the simple concept of having a sound mind or the simple love of family is beautiful.

I hope these photos touched you in some way beyond just seeing impressive photographs.  They truly touch on the dynamics of the human race.  A happy life is all a matter of perspective.  I love seeing people share their joys and accomplishments on social media – it keeps me in tune with the lives and aspirations as well as inspires me to keep growing.  Posts like these should never be there to make us feel inadequate, because at the end of the day, we all have more than enough to make us truly happy.

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