Quick Preview to Our Trip in The Great PNW

I’m finally getting around to this.

I’ve got to say, baby’s first flight went phenomenally well!  We’re slowly easing him into the world of air travel, so a 3-hour flight couldn’t have been more perfect. A bottle, a little nap, a little play, and we’re there!  Everyone around us kept complimenting us on how well behaved he was – both on the flight there and on the flight home.  Nobody heard a peep from him and our neighbors were both more than happy to be sitting by us.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  He’s adorable! (I’m his mother, and I can say whatever I want).  Actually, I take that back.  He did cry once.  It was because my husband turned around and accidentally hit his head with his elbow when he was trying to grab something. Ha!  I had to cuddle him for a bit to help him calm down, but he never fussed about the flight.

On another note, flying with an infant doesn’t really allow us to “pack lightly” like we’re used to.  This was the first vacation we’ve taken where we had to get a SmarteCarte to push our luggage around.  This is only for a week!  Tristan and I used to be able to combine our stuff into ONE luggage for a week vacation.

We flew into Seattle, rented a car, and headed down to the state capitol of Olympia where we would stay during our time in Washington.  We spent 3 days here then drove down to spend 3 days in Oregon.  We flew home from there.

My-oh-my is it beautiful and green up in the Pacific Northwest.  The air was crisp each day and so soothing to our souls.  Time didn’t move quite as fast and somehow upon landing you just have a new appreciation for nature.  I know, crazy L.A. talk.  It’s true though.  It was surreal how green the entire landscape was.  That bird’s eye view can really give you a good snapshot of a city.

Here’s a look from the ground.


More to come from each location.  Hopefully it won’t take 2 more months.
In the meantime, check out my husband’s video recap of our trip!
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