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When the holidays rolled around, I got several requests from friends to take holiday photos for them.  This session in particular was pretty special to me because it took place in their home.  I genuinely feel like capturing family photos in your home is something great because (like I mentioned in my last session post) it really captures that time period of your life in a special way.  The space, the trinkets, the memories – they all get encapsulated in the session.

When Erika contacted me to ask if I could take some family photos for the holidays, I couldn’t say no.  She is one of the coolest and most down-to-earth girls out there, and her little family is equally as great.  When she mentioned that she wanted it to take place in her home, I did a little happy dance.
While her husband was getting ready, I took some time to take some detail shots and hang out with her son in hopes that he would be more comfortable around me.  He shared some of his toys which was so adorable.  I think it really did help with the overall session, but kids are still kids and taking too many “portraits” can prove tiresome for toddlers.  I think the best tip anyone can receive when taking family photos with young kids is to just let them be.  A lot of the time, the photos where I just worked with a toddlers’ energy ended up producing some of my favorite photos.



These photos are what I’m talking about.  There was a point where he wanted to play and show his toys, so I asked him to drive the truck around to show me how fast it could go.  If I didn’t get a shot I liked, I asked him if he could go around again.  He did it so excitedly!  And you know what?  There’s a certain honesty in that photo that I feel is so much sweeter than a standard portrait.  It’s something that tells a story.






If you ever think of getting a family session done for your family, my advice is 1) do it in your home and 2) just do it.  It’s hard to get great photos with everyone in the family.  Even most of my own photos are either of my husband and my son or myself and my son.  When we have a full family photo, we normally have to ask a stranger to do it, and there’s a 50/50 chance that it’ll be good.  Either that, or we stick to selfies.  So, do it!  It’s worth it unless, you know, you love selfies. 🙂
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