The First Halloween

I had a lightbulb/”aha” moment while watching a movie.  The movie was Jurassic World.  My husband had become a big fan of Chris Pratt after he had made his transformation from “goofball” to “hottie,” so while watching the movie I figured Hmm my husband would probably love to be Chris Pratt’s character… then click, click, CLICK I could be Claire and our boy could be a raptor!  I leaned over to my husband to whisper my idea into his ear.  He looked at me then looked back at the movie while smiling and nodding.  I got the impression of Honey, that’s cool.  I’m trying to watch the movie. while I sat there with a big smile on my face thinking that this was genius.  Mind you, this was back in June.

Well, with the help of Amazon, we achieved the goal!  I loved the way our costumes turned out.  We overheard a lot of people raving about our family costume, and a kid actually said “Hey! It’s Owen!” to my husband as we passed by.  That made his day.  See, honey?  I’m brilliant.

For the most part, our holiday was low-key.  We went to a friend’s niece’s costume birthday party then headed over to the mall to do some trick-or-treating.  I know my son can’t walk or even eat candy yet, but that’s why I chose to go to the mall rather than go door-to-door.  It was mostly just for stimulation and photo keepsakes.  We met up with some friends and went to a handful of stores.  Dominic actually got to pick his own candy at some places which he seemed to think was completely amusing.

Afterwards, we took a little walk around the neighborhood to see some Halloween decor, then relaxed at home to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters.  I do wonder about scary things and babies – does it register with them as scary or is it just random objects?  Is it innate to know something is scary like ghosts, vampires, etc?  I look back and wonder if I created scary thoughts in his mind by viewing Halloween decor.  I hope not!

Anyway, I think the day was pretty spooktacular!  I almost want to put him back in his costume to take better photos.  I guess if the weather picks back up, we might play around with that idea.  For now, enjoy the iPhone photos.  Here’s one last gem inspired by the movie meme.  I love his little face! 🙂


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