The Felipe Family / Maternity Session

It’s less than a week until the due date of Baby Felipe, and we are anxiously awaiting her arrival!
Tristan and I have been particularly excited for this event for a while now.  We can’t help it.  Ray and Nancy are a Filipino & Vietnamese couple like us, and we’ve always joked about how our mixed babies would play and grow up together and eventually create their own realities of being a part of two very distinct cultures.

Having a couple we can relate to with our culture clashes is a definite perk!  I’m sure our kids will appreciate it just the same.  I’ve had fun getting to know them better throughout the years and seeing our friendship grow and grow, now soon with babies in tow.  It’s surreal.
I’m so happy they took up on my offer to take photos for them before their baby’s arrival.  At some point, Ray did admit that it felt a little awkward at times taking these photos; but after he got to see them, he was glad that they took them.  I get that impression from a lot of guys – like taking formal photos is just fluff but then you don’t realize the value until you see them.
I know sometimes people get hesitant to take these, but know that I can sincerely say that I look at Tristan and my maternity photos very fondly.  They’re just beautiful portraits to remind ourselves of our last few weeks as just husband and wife.  If you’re on the fence, I say “go for it!”  You won’t regret it.
Hope you enjoy this session!  These were taken at a local park as well as the baby’s sweet nursery.  It was an overcast day, but it made for some beautiful, soft lighting.  Also, can you believe this was just at a local park??  Evidence that there is beauty all around us; you just have to look for it 🙂












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