You Make Me Forget My Problems

Some days can be so mentally and physically exhausting. I find myself coming home and looking forward to seeing my little baby boy thinking I would just feel better once I get to hold him.

Today, I opened the door from the garage and there was my boy sitting on daddy’s lap. He flashes a big, bright smile at me and does a little bounce. I walk away for a minute to put my stuff down, and he starts BAWLING. Oh my heart! I head over to him, swoop him up, and cuddle him in my arms. He stops crying instantly, smiles at me then at daddy, and finds himself in a happy place.
After taking care of a few things, I sit down on the couch, lift him up on the air a few times, then rest. He’s a smiley one. He is facing me while sitting on my lap. He makes eye contact with me in a deep, cheerful sense as if to say “I love you” then rests his tiny head on my chest. He is done for the day, and I just melt away.
Stress? Exhaustion? What’s that? 🙂
Oh the strange and mystical happenings of having a child. You are my darling and my saving grace.
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