So This Is What Feeling Like A Superwoman Feels Like

I’ve been an overachiever during some phases of life.  I’ve had people say I’m superwoman, but I never really felt like it.  I worked myself to exhaustion and people gave me props.  I always just felt like I was doing what I should do.  It was nothing that seemed so far beyond a human’s capabilities.

Oh, but today…

Today, while playing with my son, I decided to lean onto his chest to listen to his heartbeat.  I’m not sure why I never thought to do this sooner, but it finally crossed my mind.  You know what?  It’s not until that very moment when I heard his heart beating that I felt like a superwoman.  This wonderfully beautiful and rhythmic heartbeat that gives my son life was created inside my body.  It makes me feel like my body is truly superhuman.  Then, I catch him smile at me.  I’m his superwoman.  I’ve never felt so strong.

It was definitely an amazing moment.


You’re growing so big, so fast…
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