Moving Towards Strength in Simplicity

Ah, the life changing magic of tidying up.

It’s actually a book; and although I haven’t read it, the reviews I’ve read on it seems self-explanatory.  In essence, there is strength in simplicity.

The key thing I picked up from reading blogs and reviews is that we need to remove clutter from our life by removing anything that doesn’t bring us joy.  I’ve gone through the cleaning up process before, but even afterwards I felt like I could do better.  Well, I really could’ve.  So, here we go…

I’ve packed up and stored my maternity clothes (there may be a next time!), donated 19 pairs of shoes, and donated pounds of clothing.  Also, I’m putting myself on a shopping fast for 3 months beginning August 1.

What?  Why the shopping fast?

The moment I lugged my giants bags out to the garage, I told my husband “I just got rid of 19 pairs of shoes!”  I was so proud of myself.  What was his response?

“Great!” (insert long pause) “I guess now you can get 19 new pairs of shoes to replace them!”

I laughed with him because that’s what I had a tendency to do.  I did it with my closet all of the time.  I didn’t do it consciously, like Oh I just got rid of 5 shirts, so I should get 5 new shirts! but it moreso felt almost like I was rewarding myself more than anything.  It was like I deserved something shiny, trendy and new for giving up so much stuff.  When I would go window shopping, I felt more inclined to buy stuff to justify my cleaning up efforts.  Next thing I knew, my closet was full of stuff again.  It was like some crazy cycle.

I have a handful of standard wardrobe staples I’m looking to buy (literally 5 items), but outside of that list, I won’t be shopping.  I think my biggest challenge through this will be comparing my wardrobe with friends since most of them are big shoppers.  I just know that I don’t need any of this.  They’re just all wants that sometimes stress me out after I see my bank account.  I should feel more satisfied with the stuff around me, so… let’s see how this experiment goes.  Let’s see how life-changing this is.

Bye bye, shoes.

Here’s to simplicity!

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