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So Long, Summer Picnics

It’s the first day of fall!  I can’t believe how summer just came and went, but I’m ready to welcome autumn with open arms.  It’s been cloudy out, but the weather has still been warm.  At least now I feel like it’s acceptable to enjoy all things pumpkin. 🙂

Just recapping one of my favorite park days over the summer.  My husband had a work picnic at Rancho Tapo Park in Simi Valley, and it was planned out so well.  It made me want to do an annual summer picnic event once Dominic is a little older!
There was lots of food, snacks, and activities.  Here’s some of his coworkers doing Zumba!  Dominic joined in for a bit too.  If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might have caught his Zumba dance moves 🙂
We set up a little picnic spot next to some friends to make sure we had a rest/meeting spot.  The best part of the picnic??  It was Dominic’s first time at a splash pad!  Oh my gosh, I’m so glad I caught the next few images because you can just feel the excitement from the little guy.  He loves playing in the tub, but whenever we’re out and about, we make sure he stays clear from any water (ie fountains).  This time, however, we urged him to walk towards the water.  His eyes lit up, and I still remember it so vividly.  He turned to look at Tristan to check and seek approval, and Tristan nodded and signaled him to play.  When it registered with him that he could play in the water and splash to his heart’s content, he squealed with joy!  It was almost like he was saying, “You’re kidding!! IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?”


^ Look at the joy in his face!  It’s like a dream come true!  Oh, to be a kid again!


Can you spot him?  He was having a BLAST.




Little guy ran from fountain to fountain and just enjoyed all of the splashing fun.  When it was time to go, we had the saddest and most pouty boy on our hands.  It was time to go though because it was time to eat!
Just thought this was adorable.  He LOVES watermelon.


Playing bubbles with a friend 🙂

As my husband played some games and hung out with some of his coworkers, I took a walk with Dominic to get some of his energy out.  We ended up playing by a tree, observing leaves, and collecting random nature things.  I found him this dandelion and tried to show him how to blow on it to make the seeds fly away.  He thought it was so fascinating, and he was so amused at how fuzzy it was.  He couldn’t get the seeds to fly off, but nowadays he either has me do it or he just shakes it around to watch them fly away.


Dominic’s nature finds 🙂

They planned so many fun and family-friendly park games.  The watermelon eating contest below was hilarious.  They actually had a separate kids competition for it too!  The picnic overall was a great event to add some fun and fellowship to work.  It’s always great for me too to meet all of his coworkers and their families.

^ And the kids make friends too 🙂
I love any opportunity for our family to get outside more and socialize with friends.  Hopefully we’ll be doing more outings like this next year.  Until next summer!
Rancho Tapo Community Park | 3700 Avenida Simi, Simi Valley, CA 93063


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