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So Cal Kids Museum

Now that Dominic is at the age where his thirst for life is just bursting at the seams, we’ve been looking up more fun and family friendly activities in the area to help spark and fill his curiosity quotas for the day.

Honestly, I’m not trying to be hyperbolic.  He is curious about anything and everything new to his eyes, and ever since he was tiny, he’s been so mechanical.  He observes things very carefully to try to understand how things work, and it was something I noticed about him before he even turned one.

So, that all said, what better way to fill the curiosity of such a child than with a trip to a children’s museum?

I found out about the Southern California Children’s Museum because I follow designer Oh Joy! on Insta.  You’ve probably seen some of her adorable party supplies, house decor, and even baby clothes at your local Target (and if that doesn’t make you wanna follow her, her kids are freakin adorable).  Anyway, with her knack for putting together fun and colorful things, it only made sense for her to design this beautiful mural entrance for the museum.  She posted about it some time ago, and I put this spot on my list of places to visit once I felt Dominic was ready.

As we were brainstorming for which kid’s place to go to, we decided on SCCM because of the cost and location.  It was $8 each which made more sense to us than paying double that for a giant place more suitable for kids a year or two older than him, and it’s located in Pasadena where we could walk around to grab lunch and other treats we love in the area.  It worked out perfectly!

Check out this beautiful entrance!!

There was a big variety of things for kids to do here, and we saw kids from just months old to kindergarten age.  When we got there around 10, it was fairly crowded but still pretty open to run around.

The museum is a big open space and every activity there serves a teaching purpose.  Dominic is still too young to grasp onto all of the bigger lessons, but he had a ton of fun regardless which is what I really wanted for him this time around!

^ My boys and their cars.  I looove it.


His absolute favorite thing (and honestly the biggest ticket item) was the shopping cart.  There were 2 there, and I had to teach Dominic to wait his turn with the other kids haha.  Several moms (including myself) were nudging each other to let the other kid take the cart once one kid was distracted, otherwise every kid would just hog the carts!  I have to admit, the carts and groceries are adorable. It was fun showing and teaching him what everything was then watching him try to repeat.
With the groceries, it mimics a little bit of shopping for fresh food at your local farmer’s market which is big out here in L.A.  They also had a table to help teach kids about proper portions which I thought was great.
On top of pushing the cart around, he really loved pretending to cook for us.  He even started pointing at the aprons saying “Want it!” so he could cook like a pro.  I love my little chef…

There was a lot of fun stuff.  They had this adorable stage with music playing and costumes for kids to wear to play dress up; they even had a pretend camping area.  That was probably my favorite thing about being here; everything really helped encourage kids to play pretend and expand their imagination – no technology required.

^It was pretty empty after 1pm-ish with just a handful of families playing.
^Playing dress up with daddy!  I told him he could be like Marshall from Paw Patrol here.^
^ There were fun physical activities like this for bigger kids too!

I’ve always wanted to see one of Colette Miller’s angel wings paintings around the city, and of course the first time I see one, it’s made perfectly for my babe!

We’re looking forward to going back with some friends soon.  It’s a fun and safe space, and with such a great location, you can easily make an entire day date out of it!  Oh, and if you’re wondering, he knocked out just minutes after we drove away.  Evidence of a successful day of fun 🙂


  • Parking is free, and they have their own lot
  • There are ins and outs, so you can go in the morning, head out for lunch, then finish the day off here – which is what we did!
  • Not sure if it was because of the date we went in particular, but it was more crowded during the morning hours than after lunch.  There were only a handful of families there after lunch, but it was fairly crowded when we got there around 10am.
  • They did allow us to bring food in, and there’s a table to enjoy snacks and food as well as cubbies to hold diaper bags, etc.
  • Yup, there’s a nursing room in case you were curious 🙂
  • Have fun!!  The open space is a playground in itself for kids
Do you have a favorite kids center in your area?  I would love to hear about it!

Southern California Children’s Museum | 459 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91101
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