My New Life with a Newborn

Exhaustion has a whole new meaning when you have a newborn.  At least that’s how it feels for me.  I suppose I can’t complain though; I’ve had about 3 nights since he’s been born where I was lucky enough to get 6 hours of straight sleep (a rare treat!).  Based on the reaction of most of our parent friends, that’s unheard of.  Even our pediatrician was shocked.  Oddly enough, those nights we had to wake him up to feed since he’s too young to sleep through the night.

For the most part, I’m running on 3-6 hours of sleep, and on those 6 hour days, it’s broken up.  He’s been pretty good at just waking up twice a night for feedings though, but we do get those random days where he’s just really cranky and fussy.  Getting a baby to sleep is such an art.  My biggest worry these days is hoping he doesn’t get over tired!  That’s a guarantee for a fussy night (ie 1-2 hours of sleep for me).  Learning his cues hasn’t been quite that difficult though.  Might be something innate as his mommy.

All this said, I definitely have a newfound respect for single moms and moms who’s husbands aren’t involved for one reason or another.  I let Tristan sleep in our guest room on the nights before he has work, and those nights when I’m caring for Dominic alone can be quite a challenge.  The first night I was alone, I nearly lost my sanity.  Nowadays, Dominic’s been much better at falling back asleep after a feeding, so I am nothing but thankful.  People are surprised at how “easy” we’ve had it so far.  *knock on wood*

Tristan has been SO helpful.  He loves caring for our little one and staying involved.  When he notices that I’m on the brink of exhaustion, he takes Dominic from me and tells me to take a nap.  On some of the really rough nights, he’s been so generous to take care of all of the night feedings on the next night where he’s off work the next day.  I’ll admit I’m still awake when he’s helping out, but at least I get to stay snuggled in bed 🙂

We make a great team.  I remember when Tristan and I were dating, I told him I didn’t want the whole breadwinner and housewife relationship.  I wanted things to be equal.  I wanted to be in a relationship that loved teamwork.  In time, we definitely evolved into that.  Sometimes I forget and worry that I’ll be doing the bulk of the parenting, but on nights where Tristan literally forces me to stay in bed, I’m so grateful that I found such a great teammate.  He remembers what the foundation of our relationship is.

Anyway, this is basically just a post of me rambling about sleep and my husband.  Last night was a rough night with Dominic, and although Tristan had work today, he came into the room to help soothe Dominic around 5am.  He helped feed him and put him to sleep before leaving for work allowing me to get about an hour and a half of extra sleep (I only had about an hour before that and was starting to worry that it was all I was going to get for the day).  I’m just so, so grateful.

Baby is napping now – thankfully napping for more than 30 minutes at a time today.  That was yesterday’s story.  I figured I’d take the time to write some of my thoughts as he’s snoozing away. 🙂

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  • Reply Michelle

    Awwwww vy vy youre doing great! Hang in there! I promise it gets better and better as time passes! So great that you have tristan helping you along the way! We mommas really need it! Im just amazed at how you continue to blog with all the sleep deprivation….. i put my blog on pause not long after the baby! Lol

    February 5, 2015 at 12:43 am
    • Reply Vy

      Haha! Trust me, I'm tired, but I just remember when I wanted to blog about everything after I got engaged and ended up putting all of that on hold. Now I have nothing from that time period! I don't want to forget some of these little details, so I try to take a few moments to write before I take a nap. I love going back and reading my old posts, so that's pretty much what encourages me to keep writing! Also, on good days when he sleeps a lot, I actually write a few posts and just schedule them to publish the next few days 🙂

      February 6, 2015 at 1:24 am

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