Reloving My Husband + A Gift from Jord

This post is sponsored by Jord.  All opinions are my own.

Some weeks are so rough.  Sometimes it’s the entire month.  Sometimes, even as a go-getter type of woman, I still need days to literally do nothing but sit on the couch.

And sometimes, when these days happen, my husband does literally everything to keep the house running smoothly.

He’s kind of amazing that way.  He genuinely likes things to be clean and to cook, and he doesn’t complain.  I sometimes get the impression that he doesn’t think I notice or appreciate it enough because he really isn’t the average guy.  I guess that’s just me being horrible at deciphering what I should express or not.  Does that make any sense? After 8 years, sometimes we forget what’s special because it’s become so normal, but I’m making a bigger effort to make sure he knows how much I appreciate him.  Every single day.  Every single moment.

As timing would have it, I’ve been wanting to show more appreciation to my husband and Jord reached out to me to ask me to review one of their watches.  I was really excited because my husband is the type of guy that never leaves home without a watch on, and what really struck my interest to move forward was how unique it was.  It’s a luxury wooden watch.

Once the watch arrived, we were amazed at how beautiful the box was that it arrived in.  It really kicked off the experience of the product beautifully.

The watch itself is so well-crafted that it’s hard to believe that it’s wooden.  The glass is made of sapphire crystal so it’s scratch-proof.  Another great thing that my husband noticed instantly was that it’s powered by kinetic energy which means NO batteries are needed.  It’s an entirely well put-together watch.  Our only issue was that it showed up a bit too big, but obviously that’s minor as it’s easily fixable.

Now, that’s the obvious positives.  The less obvious that I have to celebrate is that this brand does acknowledge the need for sustainability efforts.  While browsing the site, you can actually look at all of the woods used on the watches to see which ones are sustainable (most are!) and which ones aren’t, and even though it’s unfortunate that not all of the materials used are sustainable, you have to appreciate the transparency.  I also asked the company for additional details, and they told me that a lot of their wood is actually from leftover furniture remnants and some wood is specifically from fallen trees.  It’s phenomenal what they’ve been able to create from these situations.

In addition, since I’ve been working towards leading a “greener” life, it was great to learn that the wood is also not treated with any chemicals.  They only use natural substances which protects not only the environment, but it also protects the workers and the consumers (us!).

I’m thankful my husband got a special treat here, but it’s a reminder that I should definitely be more mindful of the amazing man he is on a more regular basis.  He deserves to know that, to feel that, and to be celebrated more often in this crazy life of ours.

To my love, you. are. amazing.

Get a better look and see more details of this beautiful watch right here.

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