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Pumpkins Everywhere!

I don’t know about you, but it seemed like everyone with kids went to the pumpkin patch this past weekend!  It really is the perfect time.  We’re in the middle of October now, so it’s time to really soak in all of that fall goodness.  If you’re in LA, you probably know that there were a lot of great fall events going on, but we decided to head out to the same pumpkin patch as last year at Underwood Family Farms.

It is so surreal how much time has flown.  Dominic was still just a curious little babe at 10 months when we last went here, and I swear I just blinked and here we were again.  He couldn’t even walk then.  This time, however, he was running around and exploring, and I’m understanding more and more why I catch my mom staring at me sometimes with such wonder in her eyes.  I often catch myself doing the same to him because so much changes so fast.  It’s unreal and almost magical.
Anyway, back to the pumpkin patch 🙂  We decided to go just a few days before and contacted some friends to see if they’d like to join.  We’re so glad it worked out because, of course, they were planning to head to a pumpkin patch this weekend too!  So, we got our tickets, and off we went with Reese, Phil, their two adorable girls, and Reese’s sis Tiffany.  It was different this trip too because last year we had gone on a weekday so the farm wasn’t crowded and a lot of the activities weren’t open.  This time the place was filled with families and lots of things to do.
Here’s some photos from our trip!
We started off by letting the kids look at the farm animals.  It was fun seeing our little kids’ eyes light up because they always do when they see their furry friends.  I know this is such a buzzkill, but I got kind of sad.  It’s funny how seeing these animals is such a joy when you’re young, but once you start to see and understand their emotions, you kind of wonder how to best educate your kids about animals and their purpose on this earth while still really sparking their curiosity.
These animals sit there and wait by these tubes for visitors to feed them, and I wasn’t too distraught about it until we saw a mini horse that was scraping its hoof on the tube and sniffing it constantly to the point where it just broke my heart. There’s a little dispenser where you can spend 25 cents to get a tiny handful of feed, so I bought some feed and let Dominic drop the food down.  It was obvious the horse was hungry, because the he knew food was coming through the second Dominic let it hit the tube.  One day, when I know Dom is ready, we’ll definitely be having a good conversation about our furry friends.  All of what that will entail is still processing in my mind…
Anyhow, after we took a walk around that area, we decided to go on a tractor ride!  For some reason, we were all expecting the weather to be nice and cool, but it ended up being really hot (hence Dominic’s cute fall vest getting put away).  The tractor ride was fun and relaxing, but I think half of the time we were waiting to get to the parts with shade or for a breeze to come by haha.
Seeing the pumpkin patch and games from afar ^
^ They had so many different things growing that we could go out and pick ourselves
^ Keira had fun learning the different fruits and veggies that were growing.  There were also a ton of sunflowers
After the tractor ride, we decided to wander through the pumpkin patch!  We were on the fence about buying one right away since we still wanted to do other things (who wants to lug pumpkins around everywhere?), so we were either going to buy one before we left or just buy them at our local market.  We ended up deciding to buy them another day, but the patch made for some fun photos!


My big boy!


^ Lol to me watching Dominic playing around in the dirt in the background
Next up… corn maze!  We decided to be rebels and not follow the sign, so we actually started at the haystacks then worked our way backwards.  Hey, getting out of the corn maze is getting out of the corn maze no matter which way you start.  Luckily, Keira was our line leader and got us out safe and sound 🙂



^ Isn’t she just the cutest little button?!
^ Our fearless line leader
^ Our littlest explorers
^ Our secret to getting Dominic smile in pictures?  Tickle! | Tristan thought this was really 3 guys haha ^

We had so much fun!  Not going to lie, but it really was hot out and we were pooped, but can pumpkin patch visits ever go wrong?  Well, especially when you have good company 🙂

P.s.  If you ever want to get a group picture with kids and make it look like it makes sense, just do a goofy photo!  It’s a whole lot easier than trying to get all of the kids to look at the camera and smile haha!

Underwood Family Farms | 3370 Sunset Valley Rd. Moorpark , CA 93021

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