Puerto Vallarta: Vallarta Botanical Gardens

If you’ve ever been to Puerto Vallarta or even looked into the possibility of going, you probably know there are a lot of amazing excursions you could take that bring you to unreal islands, amazing snorkeling, and one-of-a-kind dining over the water.  We ran into some options that we really pined for, but of course the requirement to get to any of these things is to be at least the age of about 4.
As we kept browsing around, I bumped into the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, and after finding out that you can simply take a cab or the local bus up to it made this a must-go.

Like our mommy & me outfits? 🙂
Because it was sweltering hot on our trip, we decided to pay for an air conditioned cab to take us through the 40 minute drive.  I believe it was about $40.  If you decide to take the bus, it’s about $2.50 haha.  We are not by any means rich, but it was just so hot and humid that riding in a hot bus for 40 minutes (especially with the little guy!) didn’t seem right.  We figured we were on vacation, so, what the hey! 🙂
The Vallarta Botanical Gardens is a beautiful and lush garden that’s only been open to the public for a little over a decade.  It is stunning, and showcases many native plants in Mexico – focusing on the orchid.  If it weren’t so hot, we probably would’ve stayed, admired, and lounged around a lot longer. There’s plenty of trails to wander off to and even a river you can swim in (we didn’t do it though, just for Dominic’s safety).  If you decide to make this a part of your trip, remember to bring bug repellent.  You will be in the tropics, so it’s best to be preventive, although if you do happen to forget, they sell them in the front where you can purchase your tickets.
Here’s some photos from our visit!


Definitely in the tropics!  This first trail we walked through had us walking under a canopy of trees.


He saw and said “butterfly” for the first time here!  There were SO MANY.  Hearing him call out the butterflies made reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” 5 times a day for him so worth it.



This beautiful building is a restaurant and a gift shop.  Our tickets included a free beverage, so we made a stop to redeem it and look around.


Breathtaking views.


Forever on-the-go now.


Isn’t it beautiful?!




This place was full of beautiful plants and orchids upon orchids!



After that, we headed a little uphill to find another canopy that I wish I could recreate in my home…



I want it all.


He’s like his dad and has this thing with wheels and cars 🙂



Our last stop on the way out was to see even more orchids.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t get tired of places like this.  There’s something about being surrounded by greenery that makes me feel at peace.


One of my favorite photos of all time.


No one was around, so we took a family timer photo!


Once we got home and rested up, we took a walk around the pier again at night to catch the views after the lights turned on.  Being such a resort town, it definitely comes alive at night.


If you missed it, catch Day 1 here or head to Day 4&5!

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