Puerto Vallarta: Tequila Sunsets

Our last day and a half in PV was really embraced as an opportunity to soak in the last bits of sun, sand, and relaxation. With absolutely nothing on the itinerary, I realized this was exactly the kind of trip we needed before the fast moving holidays rolled around.

Tristan and I normally book a massage during our slower, relaxing getaways, but now that we have Dominic, it seemed like too much work to strategize on how we could fit one in on this trip.  Instead, we found out that our hotel offered ichthyotherapy which is basically the use of a particular fish that eats away at dead skin.  Okay, I know that sounds really weird and borderline gross (or just straight gross), but it’s a thing that we’ve been seeing a lot lately and thought “what the hey.”  It was some form a therapy we could do while Dominic just sat and relaxed with us.
If you’re wondering, it really tickled!  Nothing too crazy.  It just felt like a bunch of tiny suction cups popping on your skin.  By the way, our family picture above during this always makes me smile.  The hand placement was definitely not planned.
After that, we took a walk on the Malecon again to look for some tequila to bring home.  You’re allowed to bring home 3 bottles, so Tristan made sure he bought 3.  There are tequila stores EVERYWHERE.  The one we stumbled into however was a really nice one, and it turned out that the owner lived near our area.  The second Tristan heard his accent, he knew he was from LA and the conversation just started from there.  We both got to try some free tequila samples (everyone loved giving tequila samples!), and there were flavors we never knew existed.  I tried some of the lighter, fruit-flavored ones while Tristan tried whatever the owner suggested.  I have to say, the tequila in PV is so much better than any tequila you get in the States.  If you ever make your way to Mexico, make sure you try some local tequila.  You’ll be shocked at how good it is.
On the way back, we grabbed some lunch and just ate and relaxed in our room.  With it being so hot outside (and so many tequila shots), taking the afternoon nice and slow in an air conditioned room was necessary.  I really loved this trip for letting us really unwind and relax.
You know what’s bizarre?  Dom randomly decided to quit the bottle during this trip.  We’ve been working on weaning him for bit, but then he just decided he was a big boy this trip and refused the bottle.  Also, he loved the pineapples, something he didn’t like before (and even broke out in hives).  Oh, and another weird thing while we’re talking about food is that he never used to like eating bread/carbs.  All of a sudden, he started enjoying carbs here too…
Anyway, once we were ready to head out, we grabbed some yogurt at a spot next door to our hotel then took another walk to soak in the scenery before spent some beach time at sunset.
Once it was near sunset, we got changed into our swimwear and headed out for one last beach swim.  I swear, the sunsets here were phenomenal.  Staying right by the water and having the sun set right over it was beautiful to watch every single day.  Even better was that the water was always warm, so it was all-around relaxing.

I love Mexico.  I really do.  The people have always been so kind, the food is always delicious, and there’s always amazing natural scenery on the coast.  We’ll have to make a visit again to the country – especially since Dominic seems to really love the beach time (who wouldn’t?) 🙂  Until next time, adios!
If you missed it, catch Day 1 &2 and Day 3!  Otherwise, stay tuned for our Travel Guide!
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