Progress, not Perfection

How perfect is this statement?  “Progress, not Perfection.”  We shouldn’t focus on being “perfect” or on always getting things right the first time.  We should be focusing on progress.  Moving forward.  Improvement. Growth.  It’s the constant pursuit of LIFE.

The thought behind “progress” is underrated.  People focus on “perfection” far too often.
For example, my half-marathon time averaged approximately 15 min per mile.  This was my first marathon.  Some people laughed at the time and some people were very ecstatic that I finished.  Do you think my goal for my next half-marathon is to finish at a 15 min per mile pace?  No way!  My goal from the very beginning was to move at the pace most comfortable for me then train myself to keep improving with each run.  I couldn’t wrap my mind around why people would laugh.  Was it because it was less than “perfect”?  Perfect is subjective.  That time is my personal best, and with that, I plan to progress.
 “Progress, not Perfection.”
With all you do, don’t let other’s perspective of perfection ruin your stride (pun intended).  Just remember to progress.  Grow.  Learn.  You owe it to yourself.  One day, you’ll reach your own perception of perfect, and it will be grand.
*gets off soapbox*
In other news, I found this beautifully written article online that I felt compelled to share.  Every word of it resonated with me, and I hope it does with you too.  It’s entitled “If I Could Tell My Adolescent Self What I Know Now.”  The person that wrote this came to these realizations at 22 which absolutely floored me considering most of the very mistakes she talks about in the article I had made around that age.  Life has its own timeline, but as I said, the most important thing to do is… progress.
Read it:
My favorite excerpts:
  • You will meet several “prince charmings” before you find your king.
  • You should be with a man, not because you were able to convince him, but because you didn’t need to. Don’t ever settle for less than what you deserve, or else you’ll get even less than what you settled for. You are no man’s consolation prize.
  • I once directed all my passion and emotions to the wrong things and wrong people, until I realized how much more fulfilling my life would be if I rerouted that energy towards my dreams, ambitions, and aspirations.
  • Your parents are the only people who will bust their asses to provide the best life for you.
  • There are so many people who have hurt me. But on the other hand, there are so many people that I have hurt, as well. The most precious gift that I’ve ever received is grace and mercy. When I made mistakes and was forgiven, I felt such a relief to know that the bad blood was gone. Reciprocate love and kindness.
  • Evaluate yourself, be respectful, and stay humble.
  • Big or small, appreciate the things that you’re blessed with
  • Have goals and dreams, but don’t have expectations.
  • Let go of the things that hold you back, and you’ll realize how truly beautiful your life really is.
I could have easily just pasted the entire article on here, but then you wouldn’t click on the link to read it, would you? 🙂

Ah, yes.  President Reagan always says it well.

Have a fantastic day!
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