Is Baby Robles a Boy or Girl? Predicting with Old Wives Tales

Back when I was pregnant with Dominic – before we knew he was going to be a boy – we had a little gender reveal party.  It was totally cliche, but it somehow became more exciting than I thought it would be.  I got to be a little creative, we had friends over, and the bets were on.

For that party, I had made a board of “old wives tales” to see if any of them could help anyone predict the sex of the baby.  Turns out, most of them were wrong.  Majority of them had pointed to a girl, but my gut from the beginning was that the baby would be a boy.  Guess what?  Mama’s instinct was right.

I won’t tell you what my gut instinct is for this current baby, but this time around, we decided not to throw a party.  Our ultrasound appointment is this week, so we decided to do a more a intimate gathering and just find out with my family over Thanksgiving.  I thought it would still be fun to go through the old wives tales to see what they say, but we’ll find out the final answer in a few more days!

Predictions based on “Old Wives’ Tales” for Baby Robles!
Heart Rate: Above 140 = Girl
Morning sickness: Yes = Girl
Craving: Sweet = Girl
Feeling: Moody = Girl
Headaches: Yes = Boy
Breaking out: Yes = Girl
Chinese Calendar: Girl
Mayan Calendar: Girl

It overwhelmingly predicts girl, but it was majority girl with Dominic too if you look at the first photo!  I think Dominic now has his own prediction too. On a side note, he found an old toy he played with as an infant then said “I wanna give toy to baby.” My heart!

So, what do you think?  Boy or girl? 🙂

Which of these old wives’ tales do you like to rely on?  Are there other tales you like to play along with?

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