Plenty of Firsts When You’re Expecting

Two days ago, I woke up with some pretty bad pelvic pain that radiated up my back and down my leg.  It was pretty alarming.  We were going volunteering for work, and I had gotten up early to get there on time hoping that once I was done getting ready, the pain would subside.  It didn’t.  I ended up calling my doctor to see if I could come in because I didn’t even feel like I could cope with being at work.  Thankfully, Tristan was off that day and was able to drive me to the doctor.  I don’t think I would have driven myself as I was hunched over in pain.  I actually started crying waiting for our appointment just out of fear that something bad might have happened.

Thankfully, everything is fine.  Our little baby is looking good and was moving about in the ultrasound which really made me feel like every bit of the pain was worth it.  I saw his/her arm wail about, and the body just fidgeting.  It was pretty cute.  Another thing that the doctor did was check the heartbeat, and that was the first time we got to hear our little baby’s heart beating.  It. was. breathtaking.  You see and hear it in movies and on TV all the time, but when the moment is your own, it’s unreal.  I could listen to this sound all day.

Aside from those precious first moments, turns out what happened to cause the pain was that the baby was growing and pressing on my sciatic nerve which apparently is very common in pregnancy.  It was really different from the pains I felt during the first trimester which is why I was so alarmed.  It’s crazy what goes on in there.

One thing the doctor asked me was if I worked out at all before pregnancy.  I said I did, and he encouraged me to continue doing the same/similar routine during pregnancy.  He said it would definitely help with the pains that come and go.  That night, I did some stretching.  The next morning, I did some yoga.  I felt like myself again.  I definitely feel aches and growing pains as my bump grows, but I feel so much more at ease.  I started off doing prenatal yoga the first few weeks then got tired and stopped working out.  Must have been a bad move on my part.

I’m definitely still taking it easy doing what I can during my time off and resting whenever I want to.  Maybe I’m finally figuring out a good balance that’s right for me 🙂  Let’s just say these past few days have been filled with plenty of firsts, and I’m pretty sure there’s plenty more to go.

If you’re an active preggo, this is a great DVD set that I’m using!  I’ll probably officially refer it to friends post-pregnancy after I really get the full experience.
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