His Favorite Book

Yesterday was the first day Dominic actually asked me to read a book to him. For months, we would read him a book before bedtime, and he would barely pay attention. He would be more eager to turn the pages or just look around him. When we would play on the weekends, I would try to read a book to him when we would play in the nursery. He’d enjoy it sometimes, and other times he would rather play. Even then, I always knew he had a favorite. It’s the Curious George version of Pat-a-Cake. George is a finger puppet, and whenever I would read it to him and make George’s hands move, he’d smile.

Well, yesterday, while playing in the nursery, I didn’t even think to read him a book. He went over the bookcase though and pulled out a few books. He’d throw them to the floor as usual, but when he grabbed that Pat-a-Cake, he sat down and flipped through the pages. He then picked it up and started flailing it about while yelling. Then there’s me. “What’s wrong? Are you ok? Did the book hit you?”  He gave a gentle nod of “no” then continued to wave the book about, yelling again. “Do you want me to read it to you?” I said with a smile. He nodded “yes.”  Oh dear, my heart swelled. He understood me – I didn’t even really know if he understood much from me until this day.  I took the book and he crawled up to me as I crossed my legs and picked him up into my lap like I always do when we read.


He was excited. Once George’s hands started moving and the Pat-a-Cake rhyme was going, I could tell he was smiling when I would glance at the sides of his face.  After page 2, he was kicking his legs with glee. If I could record this moment, I would I thought. Since I couldn’t, however, I figured I’d blog about it instead 🙂
We read the book at least another 2 times, and he reacted the same way each time.  I can’t believe how quickly he’s growing and learning how to interact.  With each passing day, he seems to really latch onto something new.
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