A Note for Paris

(beautiful image by Jean Jullien)

I was in the middle of writing a post for our trip to Boston, but after learning about the events in Paris, I felt the need to respect the situation and pause.

It’s hard to really attempt to make sense of it.  How does so much hate and anger exist?  It is scary.  It is truly terrorizing.  I read updates and watch news clips; I feel helpless.  It starts to feel like hate and anger are winning in this world.

Our children are born into a world that is starting to seem much more scary than it ever was.  It’s starting to feel that there are more people losing their sense of humanity.

But, I have to stop and reflect.

It’s also times like these when we feel the most hopeless that we need to remember all that is good.  We really need to remember.  There are more good souls than bad and much more love than hate.  It is so much easier to pull people down and make you believe that the world is evil, but based on the care I see in people’s writings and concerns expressed from around the world, that’s not the case.  Realize there is so much more beyond the media.  Continue to believe and stand for good.

At the end of the day, light and love will prevail if we continue to stand for it.  Our world is changing, but it will continue to fight for good if we will.

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