Paris Day 4: The Gardens and Carousel Sunset

Our last day in Paris was a day of leisure. We took our time, ventured around, ate a lot, and did a lot of people watching. This was actually advised by other people as the way to really appreciate the city. Apparently some people leave Paris hating the city, likely because they spent most of their time trying to hit tourist destinations and waiting in lines. I realize more and more that taking in a leisure day or two is the best way to take in a city, to absorb their culture and savor the little things.

We headed over to Jardin des Tuileries for our first break of the day. Apparently there are normally kids that come here to play with their sailboats, but either we went too early, it was too cold, or everyone was in school because we didn’t get to see this haha. We did, however, meet a family of ducks. Dominic was happy to feed the little one a bunch of his veggie snacks.




^ Funny story.  He actually had some cute utility pants on with this shirt, but his diaper somehow leaked and all we had packed with us was a pair of sweatpants!  So yeah, that’s why he’s in sweatpants.  I was actually a little jealous haha.

After we sat around and just relaxed for a bit, we headed over to Jardin du Luxembourg. We took the metro and stopped at Metropolitan. As we went up the stairs, we realized we were in the middle of a little market. Such a fun surprise!  We wandered here for a bit, tasted a few samples, then went on our way. There was a man here selling Vietnamese food at his booth which I reluctantly decided not to try. It’s now one of the things I regret – trying Vietnamese food in France.






Jardin du Luxembourg is beautiful. It’s so green and so spacious. There were seats everywhere to just sit and enjoy the company of people. There were artists scattered around drawing and painting amazing images of the gardens, and it was great to be able to watch them as they made their paintings come to life.

As we walked around, Dominic fell asleep, so we decided to find an area by the water to hang out. We didn’t forget to do a little photo shoot though haha. We’ve realize recently that we rarely have pictures of us by ourselves anymore, so it was kind of fun.








At some point, we were debating on leaving, but Dominic began to stir so we waited for him so he could enjoy the garden too. Once little man woke up, he was ready to play, explore, and try to get in the water! We have a little water baby!


A well-napped baby is a happy happy baby!

After dinner, I wanted to try to catch the sunset at the Eiffel Tower. This was the cherry on top for us.  People sit on the lawns every night to catch the sunset and watch the tower light up. I didn’t realize it was a “thing,” but it clearly was. Hundreds of people were there, and there were even vendors walking around selling wine and beer.




He had fun wandering around saying “hi” to everyone here too. I kind of wonder what everyone was thinking as they laughed and smiled at him. Like, “this silly American baby…”
As the sun continued to set, I wanted Dominic to try his first carousel ride before it got completely dark. Okay, his face was like this the whole time, and I felt like such a fool because looking back, I probably should’ve had him sit on a stationary horse instead of one that moved up and down. I thought he would enjoy it since it was slow-paced, but clearly not haha. Towards the end, I put him inside one of the car-type vehicles on the carousel, and he was loving it in there. NOW he didn’t want to leave. Lesson-learned!



We spent some time sitting by the Seine River as the last bits of sunlight began to disappear. It was pretty magical. One day when we go back, we’ll definitely do a river cruise, but for now, we are pretty happy to have taken all of these scenes in.
Paris was magical, guys. We are dreaming of the day that we can go back.
As I write all of this, my thoughts are also with Nice, France. We didn’t get to visit this city, but as we fell in love with Paris, we fell in love with the country of France. We are praying for all of the families affected by the horrible attack, and we pray somehow our world finds peace. I am sincerely overwhelmed by tragedy. Please tell someone you love them today.
If you missed it, go here to see photos from Paris Day 1 & 2, and Paris Day 3.
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