Paris Day 3: Palace of Versailles

This day during our trip to Paris was a little interesting.  We got a message the day before that the employees at Versailles would be going on strike the next day – the day that we purchased tickets to visit.  They said we could choose to change the date of our tickets or continue as is, so we decided to wait it out.  We wanted our final day in Paris (the following day) to be more of leisure day vs. going to tour a building, so if we had to change the day we’d just change it last minute.

I was on the fence about this plan because the weather forecast wasn’t too great either.  Rainy and cold – around the mid to upper 40s.  I was tempted to just ask to change the date, but I also wanted our last day to be more at our leisure, so I just sucked it up.  Well, because we had to wait to see if Versailles would open and run as usual, we slept in, drank coffee and tea, and ate pastries that Tristan picked up from the local patisserie.  The slow morning was oh-so-nice.  Topping it off with this view from our window was just perfection.  Around 11am, we heard that everything was good to go, so we headed out.

Again, we’re the weird tourists that don’t like tourists.  Seeing this line made us cry a little inside, but we toughed it out and it honestly did move pretty quickly.  Interesting thing?  Our cab driver from when we left Paris told us the line wasn’t like this before.  The way the entry is managed now is apparently very different – a big change since the attacks in Paris.

Versailles is – without hesitation – absolutely beautiful.  It is stunning.  It is amazing.  However, it’s very crowded.  There is a lot of history here obviously to take in and appreciate, but I can’t say that it wasn’t hard to maneuver through with a toddler.  I would definitely recommend a baby carrier vs. stroller here.  You’re actually not allowed to use your stroller as you see the inside; you can only take it with you when you go out to the gardens.  The outdoor areas were amazing, but it was just a little chilly.  I know it doesn’t really look like it, but we weren’t really prepared. Haha.



All of the rooms you’ll walk through are amazing with incredible details and rich colors.  I don’t know if it’s normal or if it was the time that we got there, but the path that we’re allowed to walk through to view the different rooms was incredibly crowded.  I was starting to feel like a part of a herd of sheep, except instead of a cane to herd us, it was selfie sticks.  People were crowded in every room with cell phones and selfie sticks in the air.  I know I love to take pictures too, but when so much of that is going on and you have a toddler with you, I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to hurry out.
So, hurry out we did. Haha.  Honestly, if you have a young child, just pass by the herd/crowd and go straight to the Hall of Mirrors.  That room is sooo beautiful.  There’s also some open space to walk around and open windows to get some fresh air.




^HERE… the Hall of Mirrors.  Oh, the heart eyes!


^Traveling with a toddler means looking for benches for milk breaks, even in a palace.
Once we got outside, there were fewer crowds, so we just walked around and took pictures.  Dominic always loves big open spaces to run around and explore, so he was a happy camper.  We then picked up the stroller and headed out to the amazing garden.  It was all so breathtaking, like pictures out of a magazine, except it was all really there in front of our eyes.



^ Real life




As we ventured around the garden, little guy eventually fell asleep.  I remember when we were leaving how worried we were that he would wake up due to the rocky road, but he slept through the whole thing.  A little too much fun, apparently!  Boy was knocked out.  I was honestly very cold and miserable for half of the time here.  It was towards the later half when it warmed up a bit and we started to see some sun that I got to enjoy the space more.  I don’t think we really would’ve done anything different though even if the weather was ideal.  Even looking back I still feel like if you have a kid, you’re better off rushing through to the Hall of Mirrors then heading out to the phenomenal outside space – unless, of course, it’s just not crowded during your visit!
We ended the night by catching the sunset by our window and watching the Eiffel Tower light up.  Why is it so magical?  I was so content just sitting in our place, looking out the window, and eating a croissant (while Dominic played with the pots and pans).  Wanna know something funny, though?  Dominic got scared of the tower whenever it would start to twinkle.  Each night when it would start to twinkle, he’d run up to me scared and on the verge of crying.  Oh, darling.  I will gladly hold you close as we watch the Eiffel Tower twinkling, although I’m pretty sure we’re cuddling each other for different reasons 🙂
If you missed it, check out what we did on Day 1 & 2 or head over to Paris Day 4!
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