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Palm Springs: Our 2 Year Anniversary

I can’t believe how quickly time as flown.  It seems like just a month ago we were celebrating our one year anniversary in the Bahamas, and now we’re expecting a little one during our two year anniversary.  We were debating for some time if we should go away for a weekend with me being large and in charge, but clearly we decided to bite the bullet and go.  Seize the moment, right? 🙂  A weekend away from responsibilities was definitely what we needed.  Sometimes there is no better way to celebrate a great occasion than to escape!

I really wanted to go somewhere different — away from the usual beach and city scenes that California has to offer — but to stay in Southern California.  I actually wanted to head up to the mountains and enjoy the autumn season, but I was also hesitant since they say high elevations could be a little risky for the pregnant.  With plenty of googling, I found out about a city known as Oak Glen that opened during the fall season for apple picking.  Nearby, was Palm Springs.  It was decided; we were off to Palm Springs!
Both of us have been here before prior to meeting each other (there was life before each other?), but neither of us really got to see the city and enjoy it.  It was mostly staying in a hotel room or by a pool and hanging out with friends.  It was the college way to enjoy the city.  We, of course, wanted to take our time and do a little sightseeing this time around to really absorb this little desert nugget near home.
We left home early when the rain clouds were clearing out (we finally got rain!) and headed to Palm Springs.  We got there around 10am and headed to a spot called FARM for brunch.  It has got to be one of the cutest little spots I’ve ever been to.  It was quiet, rustic, and hidden.  The food?  Everything was fresh and made with local ingredients.  Definitely a gem.  I had the veggie sandwich, he had the eggs benedict, and we shared a strawberry and nutella crepe.
It looked chilly out, but it was pretty warm.  I’ve always known Palm Springs to be hot, so it was nice to experience it in more tolerable weather… because when I say “hot” I mean something like 110 degrees.


After a stroll around the area, we decided to check out a wind farm incredibly close by.  It was surreal how many of these windmills were there, but it was definitely windy as we got closer to them so it was a perfect location for a wind farm.  We took some photos here and didn’t get much closer in case the wind and blowing sand got more intense.  It’s quite a sight, especially with such dramatic clouds still lingering in the sky.
There’s a gondola that takes you up the mountains that we considered, but we opted out due to the elevation and also because it’s fall and all you can really see is sand during this season.  If you’re ever interested in doing this, I would guess winter would be ideal as there would more than likely be snow.  A much more stunning sight in my opinion 🙂
We went back to our hotel room to relax, exchanged gifts, then got ready for dinner.  When Tristan asked me where I’d like to go for our anniversary dinner, I just mentioned that I really wanted to be able to dress up and be girly.  It’s been a little tough not being able to fit into more than half of my clothes, and I haven’t had the opportunity to go out and feel fab with my friends in a while.  Well, he ended up making 3 reservations for us, and I got to pick which one to go to!  We ended up going to Mastro’s Steakhouse to celebrate our anniversary.  We both got dressed up and enjoyed a great meal with great service.  It was really nice to do something fancy and special for us after focusing so much of our time and attention to taking care of all the grown up things we’ve been worrying about.



I adore my husband so much.  He does everything he can to make me happy, and he’s taken such good care of me during this pregnancy.  He is going to make such an amazing father.  Sometimes I think things are so easy just because we’re so alike – I mean, how else can 2 years of marriage and almost 6 years of dating feel like just a blink of an eye?  I am just so, so happy and grateful beyond words.

The next day, we headed over to Oak Glen to do some apple picking after passing by more windmills and dinosaurs!


Oh, the dinosaurs, you ask?  It’s one of those fun stops you find when you’re out on a roadtrip!  Meet the Cabazon dinosaurs…



We didn’t go inside to the Dinosaur Adventure as you had to pay, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless goofing off with some gigantic dinosaurs.

After we were done, we headed over to the outlets to do a little shopping, then found our way up to the adorable and quaint town of Oak Glen which you can read more about here.

Overall, it was a one night getaway, but it really felt like we were gone longer.  Is that just how these things start to feel when you finally get to get away from all your day-to-day responsibilities?  It’s wonderful!  I’m so thankful we were able to get away for bit – it’ll probably be our last weekend getaway before our little one arrives, and I couldn’t have imagined it to be any better.  To many more new experiences together in the years to come!

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